VIDEO: “Free Roger Christie” rally in Hilo

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VIDEO: “Free Roger Christie” rally in Hilo
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August 23, 2010 – Hilo, Hawaii

Video by David Corrigan

Over 200 supporters of Roger Christie rallied at the Mooheau bandstand on Wednesday. Christie, who founded the THC-Ministry in Hilo where he says he shared the sacrament of cannabis with members, was arrested in July for running what federal authorities called a “large scale” marijuana business.

The situation has apparently mobilized followers of Christie’s beliefs, who see the ministry bust as an assault on their freedoms. During the rally, speakers directed angry remarks towards law enforcement, and the few county police officers who were quietly monitoring the gathering from the bayfront parking lot. After the bandstand rally, marijuana advocates marched to the Hilo federal building to protest Christie’s incarceration.

Christie is currently being held federal detention center without bail, where he awaits an April 2011 trial. In all, 14 people were arrested for their alleged connections to the THC-Ministry.

Extended video of the August 18th rally


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A fixture at many freedom and Hawaiian Sovereignty events, native practitioner, and front man of the Kaliko Guys musical group, Kalikolehua Kanaele has no problem voicing his opinion. In this video, he defends the use of marijuana and evokes the name of Kelly Greenwell (the Kona councilman recently arrested on Queen Kaahumanu Highway).

Mobile version of video


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Supporters and THC Ministry members make speeches during the “Free Roger Christie” rally at the Mooheau bandstand on Wednesday.

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  • ray_christl_thc_ministry_asia

    Hope they can still get Roger out for developing his defense. This is the Obama DEA at work….stop all activists, while you talk a good game about not calling it a WAR. Bill Clinton did a similar ruse…now WarBama is the same deception…God help us.

  • puna observer

    Nealy 2000 plants and cash in a safe deposit box does nothing but scream “drug dealer”.
    If this was a real “church” why the need for housing cash in such a manner?

    At $3500 per plant, that is SEVEN MILLION $. Think about it.

  • http://myspace.com/genesis_1_29 mike

    If Roger had only talked about eating herb, as God directed Adam in Genesis 1,29 he would have a very good defence. Under Regaen the government passed a public law that says “the bible is the word of God”.

  • ali baba

    I remember when I realizid that i believed in God in Catholic school 8th grade alter boy circuncised an willing to show the priest i was a goood believer even though at htat time we were only still 2/5th human. After 20 years as RASTA and 10 years of Hawaii cannibus minister helping to create the annointing oil. Roger PROVIDED through his commitment sacrament for the spiritual world. It was marijauna which helped to facillitate my first encounterd with white people and I love um.I’m currently fighting a marijauna case in Iowa on Oct 6th is sentencing. I presented a thc ministry defense and medical but it wont be allowed.Free Roger pray for all of us. This is just like the civil rights era 9which isnt over our right to practice was confirmed by the 10 years existince thank you roger and the ministry I have also defended myself and donna fischer successfully in 2007 for possession charges in Arizona using my ministry and medical rights . Miss all of you hopefully i wont have to do 10 years at 55 for what i believe by the way my 23 year old daughter is named Indica…………….forever ali baba aloha

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