October 7, 2010 – Hilo, Hawaii

Video by David Corrigan | Voice of Tim Bryan

A spirited discussion was held by county councilmembers at Wednesday’s meeting, over a concurrency measure proposed by North Kohala Councilman Pete Hoffmann.

Bill 215 would require developers to provide parks and fire stations as a condition of rezoning. Hoffmann said the measure was intended to address the lack of recreation and firefighting facilities in the island’s sprawling subdivisions, especially in Puna and Ka’u

District 6 councilmember Guy Enriques said the bill wasn’t needed in his district. Others, like Hilo councilman Dennis Onishi, said the measure would hamper development.

Support for the bill fell along the usual voting lines. Only Hoffmann, Kelly Greenwell, and Brenda Ford – all attending the meeting by videoconference from the west side of the island – voted in favor of the measure, which was defeated by a 3 to 5 margin. Dominic Yagong was absent for the vote.