VIDEO: Lance Armstrong conquers Waipio Valley road for charity

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By Stephanie Salazar

The world’s most famous cyclist has conquered what some call the world’s steepest road.

This Friday, Lance Armstrong (@lancearmstrong) – who has been biking around the Big Island of Hawaii recently, as he does from time to time – accepted a challenge issued over “Twitter” to ride up the Waipio Valley Road.

The challenge was laid down by Mark Slavonia (@slavonia), of San Fransisco, who also offered to donate $10,000 to Armstrong’s Live Strong charity foundation.

The road is infamous and rightly so – rising 800 feet from Waipio Valley to the top in just 6/10ths of a mile. The average grade is 25% and the peak grade reaches 40%.

Believe it or not, Armstrong made it in a little over 9 minutes. After the ride, Armstrong’s crew filmed a quick video and posted it on YouTube, on the Team Radio Shack user account.

Slavonia says he will make good on his promise to donate the money.


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2 Responses

  1. rewval

    I only wish there was video of the climb – great job though! Any Lance supporters out there, please leave him your positive message of encouragement at

  2. Maya Bandu

    Lance is a hero. He makes me think of riding, sweat from my brow, climbing an endless switchback up a luscious Hawaiian mountain road. It makes someone think of chartering a cruise on with their bike aboard right now.


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