Video and field report courtesy Leigh Hilbert

The lava flow in Kalapana has claimed its third structure in 6 months.

Peggy Fallwind’s lava-side residence – home of the “Lavatics” as the signs outside read – was destroyed Tuesday morning.

The lava lobe that eventually claimed Fallwind’s structure came quick. Earlier in the evening, witnesses say the lava advance had slowed to a near halt. The sudden destruction came quickly, although the moment was in the making for the last week or so.

Leigh Hilbert provides a field report, with some footage of the burned out home.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory issued this Kiluaea volcano activity update for Wednesday:

The November 29 flow (1,200 ft elevation tube breach) was still active in two main branches, each branch continued to host scattered breakouts. The western branch may have stalled – it is no longer feeding lava into the ocean. In Kalapana, the lowest active lobes of the eastern branch were inflating and slowly advancing eastward and southward through a kipuka, in which lava-induced fires sometimes burned and methane blasts were possible.