VIDEO: Campaign to Save Kona Village underway on Facebook

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VIDEO: Campaign to Save Kona Village underway on Facebook
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Voice of Stephanie Salazar

The closure of Kona Village Resort following the March 11 tsunami has created a stir amongst faithful fans.

Lovers of Kona Village Resort have even started a campaign to plead for its restoration.

The group has started a Save Kona Village Facebook page – it already has over 850 “likes” …

On the page, it states “We’re gathering here to send a passionate message to the owners of KVR: we love this place like no other. Please rebuild and restore our beloved slice of Hawaii. There are other beaches, other hotels and other businesses but there is only one Kona Village Resort.”

The 45-year old resort has closed its doors with no date for re-opening. Its employees will be layed off.


  • Judy

    I’m devastated! This was my favorite hotel in the world. I have many wonderful memories of visiting with my children as they grew up. It was a little bit of pure old Hawaii. It has to be saved!!

  • Jenny

    We can build new condos all over but we can’t rebuild our little kona village? Please tell me this is a bad dream.

  • Anonymous

    The bad dream started when MSD took over that part of the coast! Watch the big mansions start to pop up!

  • http://saveKonaVillage joseph wampler

    Please owners of Kona Village save this most special place. It is so special because of the great employees that ha ve staffed this beautiful place for so many years. The guests are special also as we have made so many friends through out the years that have the same values of just keeping it simple and not being snooty. The people who go to Kona Village were made to be so special by just arrriving and all the employees would say “welcome home” Joe and Gayle. Please reopen Kona Village and keep the tradion alive.

  • mark kalatsky

    We are so concerned about our O hana and we would like to get in touch with them. Can You Help?
    P.S. How about a website to keep us abrest of the current situations. Thanks, Mark

  • Anonymous

    KVR will never be rebuilt in it’s past form. Updated building codes will make it impossible. If that’s not enough, it is completely unfeasible for the owners to restore it with only a few years left on their lease from Bishop Estate. For now, KVR is sitting in ruin until an agreement can be reached between MSD and Bishop Estate. Even if that happens, old KVR will never return…


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