By David Corrigan and Stephanie Salazar

WAIMEA, Hawaii: In North Kohala news… On Thursday evening, the Waimea community plans to meet for an Information Session on Coqui Frogs from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Tutu’s House in the Kamuela Business Center.

Organizers say the meeting on Thursday will be an interesting discussion on how to solve a community problem. Big Island Invasive Species Committee members will discuss what strategies can be incorporated to prevent colonies from establishing in Waimea — including building a network of neighborhood community groups to monitor, catch and treat coqui. Kim Takata will share her experience with prevention and eradication efforts that have proven success in North Kohala.

The coqui alert went out last year; The noisy frogs that are endemic to the island of Puerto Rico have cloaked parts of the Big Island with thier night time chirping, particularly Hilo and Puna.

Higher elevation town have managed to avoid major infestations, but it looks like the frogs have Waimea next on their list.