By David Corrigan and Stephanie Salazar

HILO, Hawaii: During Thursday’s County Redistricting Commission meeting, there were some strong objections from the Hamakua community…

Folks from the region who have been following the process were alarmed when an early version of a new map, known as Plan A, cut the current Hamakua District – or District 1 – in half just south of Honokaa… proposing to group Honokaa into the same district as Waimea and the rest of North Kohala.

The population of the current district 1 seems to dictate that the boundaries will have to encroach into Waimea on the north, or Hilo on the south.

But some residents feel that either grouping will dilute the voice of the current Hamakua district.

Testifying at the meeting were Steven Offenbaker and Lucille Chung.