By David Corrigan and Stephanie Salazar

[Video by David Corrigan]

POHAKULOA, Hawaii: This fender bender at the 43 mile marker closed Saddle Road to traffic for a short time on Tuesday.

The apparent crash happened at a yield sign entering a short, one lane bridge on the infamous “steps” portion of the road.

The pileup also appeared to involve three vehicles.

U.S. Army Fire and Police personnel responded to the scene, and stopped traffic in either direction for about 20 minutes, before opening the road up to alternating, single lane traffic.

At least one person was taken away by ambulance, although injuries did not appear life threatening.

In time, this treacherous stretch of roadway will be but a memory for most, as work has already begun constructing a new, safer stretch for the cross-island highway just to the south of this location.