VIDEO: Hunters speak out against plan to fence Ka’u Forest

VIDEO: Hunters speak out against plan to fence Ka’u Forest
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Local hunters voice their concerns at a public hearing in Naalehu

NAALEHU, Hawaii: It was a heated public meeting in Naalehu on Saturday, as hunters from across the island converged on a meeting at the community center about a plan to manage the 61,641-acre Ka‘ū Forest Reserve.

[MORE: DLNR seeks comment on Ka‘u Forest Reserve draft EA]

At issue is the construction of construction of a 12,000 acre fence, described in the Draft Environmental Assessment that lays out a management plan, in order to remove ungulates and protect the native forest.

Hunters see it as another attempt by the Department of Land and Natural Resources to limit access to the forest, and others consider it an outright assault on their culture.

Part of the plan is to reintroduce the alala – or Hawaiian Crow – to the forest. The alala is no longer found in the wild.

Nohea Ka‘awa, an outreach specialist with the DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife, told the audience that it an important endeavor.

Planners detailed the involvement of local kupuna in the initial stages of crafting the plan… but the hunters were not impressed by the consultation process.

The draft EA will be available for review and comment until June 22.


  • john griffiths

    There has been four failed attempts to releases the crow around the big island,why dont they prove one successful attempt before being allowed to steal more land AND GO BACK AND RELEASE THE CROW IN THOSE AREAS ALREADY TAKEN AND FENCED AND ERADICATED AND PROVE ONE SUCCESSFUL RELEASE BEFORE EVEN TRYING TO TAKE MORE.All projects of forest grabs have been unsuccessful DLNR by there own evidence and words have said it is impossible to go back into the lands they have fenced and eradicated to remove all the invasive plants.By there own evidence its IMPOSSIBLE,IF IT IS IMPOSSIBLE WHY ARE YOU TAKING MORE WHEN YOU CANNOT MANAGE WHAT YOU HAVE ALREADY TAKEN AND CAUSE MORE OF A HARM TO THE LAND YOU SAY YOU ARE TAKING TO PROTECT,COME ON, ENOUGH

  • The Casual Observer

    “acting like resort developers.”

    Mahalo Palikapu for calling the DLNR on their bullsht.

    Another example of pimping the kupuna to forward special interest.

  • Ka’u Kamanu

    I from Ka’u and I hunt all the time. Was so ignorant of some people at the meeting, giving false statements about the draft management plan and talking about things that was irrelevant to the subject. DLNR-DOFAW met with me and pleanty people from Ka’u and everybody that I talked to about the plan was in full SUPPORT. Our forest is gone way up mauka, no look like any of you who spoke at the meeting when walk up dea lately, it shows in your belly! I went to the meeting and same thing as always, a bunch of ignorant people who see only one side of the story and use their loud voice, showing up in big packs to intimidate everybody. This is the proposed plan:
    1. Perpetuate natural resources vital to Hawaiian Culture.
    2. Provide continued public use for residents. (They working on OPENING ACCESS for HUNTERS).
    3. Preserve this unique ecosystem with endangered plants and animals.
    4. Maintain and restore watershed areas.
    5. POSSIBLY use part of this area to re-release the ‘alala.
    This plan shows support to our traditional Hawaiian practices. The fenced areas is not to keep the humans out, it is to stop the trampling and desecration of the real natives, the KINOLAU of our Hawaiian Culture. If you cannot understand that… you were westernized… If you not from Ka’u, go home, you no belong hea. We not in Hilo telling you how to decide for your forest! Take your konohiki back to his ahupua’a. Talking to the kupuna first is proper protocol in Ka’u (they ARE our konohiki) and that was how to respectfully approach any process. “go talk to the hunters, the ones who really use the forest” and DLNR-DOFAW did. No make like was all hush hush and the hunters neva know, we all know. In old Hawai’i, pigs was reared in captivity near the homes because our Kupuna knew the damages that these pua’a did in the forest. Listen to all of the mele (songs) of our kupuna, they talk about the birds… the plants… the ocean. Wai is listed on documents as much as Jesus is listed in the bible so you know how important the environment was and still is to our Kupuna. Stop the ignorance…

  • Sad

    Somewhere in the battle displayed on this video between conservationists and hunters we have lost sight of who we are as Hawaiians. We are a people who voyaged thousands of miles to land area abundant with native plants and animals which are found no where else in the world. This is a fact. These plants and animals were so revered that they were deified and became part of our amazing culture. It saddens me to see comments like those made by Scott above which questions where the Alala fits into the Hawaiian culture. Every native plant and animal weaves together into the network which comprised part of the Hawaiian culture, its traditions and its practices. Every plant, every animal, every traditional place name, every mele and oil we loose means we loose one more connection to who we are as Hawaiians. We have lost enough.

    Stop it hunters, stop it conservationists, and stop it Hawaiians. It is time to stop arguing and work together. Start trying to see the good in one another rather then using projects like these to gain power. We need our native species and we need hunting opportunities, lets look for compromises. I attended the meeting and didnʻt want to speak because of the intimidating mob-like tactics that the Hilo folks brought. Sadly most of the people speaking had not bothered to learn about the project, read any of the posters or the materials given and then made many personal, irrelevant and at times, out of order comments.

    I felt sad. Sad for the way people handled themselves at the meeting, sad for the lack of value people have for our forests and sad that this is the way Kaʻu was represented. The majority of those who spoke were outsiders, the same ones that come to our fishing spots in their fancy trucks and take all the fish but leave their line and lead to choke our reefs. The same ones who come and leave their McDonalds rubbish in the forest, take our pigs but bring new invasive species to take over our forests. They come and leave us to clean up their mess and then complain when someone is trying to come and help us better care for and manage our lands.

    Lastly, to the comment that these meetings should have been held statewide, my question is why? We, the Kaʻu community are the ones who will be affected. We will be the ones who feel the impact and we are the ones who will deal with the consequences in the years to come.

  • punated

    What “land grab”? This is state land, already a reserve. It is on the upper slopes of Mauna Loa as a watershed to the vast number of properties below. DLNR is putting a fence all around this reserve to keep the invasive pests out. The roads and development are to allow for better native access, not some resort. It may be that only natives will be allowed in the reserve area. The fence is working even though it keeps out hunters. The invasive species that the hunters hunt will just be pushed lower down the slopes where they will be more accessible for hunting on private properties.

  • Ka’u Kamanu

    Take your Konohiki out of our ahupua’a! I am from Ka’u and saw people speaking at the meeting who not even from Ka’u. I was informed about the management plan and even though I one huntah, I agree with DLNR-DOFAW, they helping us. You guys all talk about the Hawaiian culture, that’s what the plan is all about, preserving and restoring the Hawaiian culture. I went on the site visits… The fence is not even gonna impact us hunters, we no hike up to the 5,000 foot elevation in the preffered alternative for our pig, it’s too damn far for us. People at the meeting like talk about things that not even relevant to what the meeting was about. DLNR-DOFAW did contact the hunters of Ka’u, me included. Get more to the plan than the ‘alala and by looking at the speakers who talked against the plan, I know they not hunting in our forest at that elevation cause they get one big opu:)

  • punated

    @Ka’u Kamanu

    More natives like you need to speak out. There are several issues going on and it is this small group of non-natives deciding they speak for the natives. Although it is against their cultural nature, the natives need to speak out against these mainland transplants as somehow representing the indigenous Hawaiian peoples.
    The ‘alala is sacred in Hawaiian culture and is believed to lead the deceased to the afterlife. Its feathers also play a significant part in the culture.

    This fence is not some simple wire mesh fence, it is a high tech fence that keeps out mongoose, feral cats, dogs, donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs and almost every other non-native invasive species that has brought several native Hawaiian species to the brink of extinction. The fence in Oahu has worked very well and brought back several endangered bird species. The objective here is to return areas to the way they were for the ancient Hawaiians. It is state land but the state is working with OHA to ensure primary access to natives first and for preservation and sustainment. Previous re-introduction efforts were not successful because the invasive species were not totally removed before the re-introduction.

    The fact is the ancient Hawaiians were not hunters, beyond some birds and the creatures of the sea, simply due to the lack of larger mammals on the islands. These fences are a way to bring back areas to their original ecosystem.

  • No be la dat!

    The meeting was full of disrespectful and angry representers of the “Hunter Group” who acted racist against Haoleʻs. I was un-confortable because of my skin color and yet I am the same color as Palikapu, born and raised in Kau all my life. Do I fish? Hunt? Yes! that is our Kau lifestyle, am I different at values than the Hawaiian blooded? NO! If you donʻt want the fence at least explain to the STATE why. Back up your comment with some credibility not with the wrongful overthrow. it was a public state meeting discussing the life of our forest and how we can make a difference in caring for our resources, not a Hawaiian Kingdom recruitment. I support the fencing, its time to give back to Kau, and stop continuing to just take, take and take even more.

  • “Mrs. Griffith”

    Meetings often become hostile when people donʻt understand what the plan is about. It seemed that majority of the testifiers did not take the time to go and look over the displays and did not address their questions to those posted at each center. Rather, they took a seat right away to listen to what others had to say and fed off of the wrongful information that was shared to come up with their own speech. As each spoke, I could see them working up themselves and getting angrier and angrier as each word came out and in the end, they ranted and raved for nothing because it had nothing to do with a comment directed to the Draft EA. I saw direct and personal attacks on others and people calling the plan an international conspiracy and what not, telling everyone to relax only to later shout and instill fear on people who were for the fencing. Who in their right state of mind would go and express their support for the plan when the environment of the meeting was filled with a pack of violent and unhealthy uncles with swollen legs that have nothing to loose but their weight.

  • The Formal Observer

    “acting like cultural desecraters”

    Thanks the DLNR for calling Palikapu on his bullsht.

    another example of disrespecting the Kupuna to forward personal interest.

  • Warning!!!

    I know get plenty boys out dea who like support so called hunting lawsuits… Look up the history of the people who collecting your hardworked, well earned money! Are they hunters themselves or thieves who like raise 40,000 dollars to split among interested scamming mistresses and fellow partners in crime to make an easy profit from vulnerable hunters ? I got some inside scoops at the public meeting in Kau from some of my long time hunting braddahz and they not going support the suit. The guys at the meeting that when talk only posing to the public like they on our side, is all one front for our money. Sorry guys gotta hea dis but it’s the truth…

  • Boaz r us

    Ka’u Kamanu…..Formal Observer…..no act. YOu probably not even from Ka’u. spouting that pro-dlnr, Honolulu Hawaiian studies kind of bullshit. DLNR using the hand-picked cadre of Kupuna to get pimped….like all other capitalist who have tried to push a Ka’u agenda. And now you guys even goin’ even pimp sista Nohea Ka’awa to go hapai your guys’ dirty work. Pilau you guys make like dat. I don’t know where you been, but all the huntas I know in Ka’u are ABSOLUTELY AGAINST this proposal.! WE been poundin’ those grounds for years. And steadily have seen the access to our grounds get compromised over the years. Now how you going say with one true face that the hunters are in support? Yes, they will have access…BUT ONLY TO ERADICATE pigs in the initial stages. afta no mo da pua’a, then no mo da hunta. Good attempt to give it a positive spin, but you have failed miserably. You can go tongue da bags of DLNR all you want. But us folks who raised on those boas, laho oles and sows from that 12,000 acres going put up one fight. Raised pigs by their homes because they knew the destructive habits of the pigs? fakaplease. Pigs have been in the forests for GENERATIONS. hunters not as dumb as you make them out to be. We know our rights and the legal resources available to us. See you in court mufugguz.

  • punated

    The really sick part of all this is recent news reports indicate some of these Big Island hunters are transporting axis deer from Maui and other islands to the Big Island, for “diversity of the hunt”. The axis deer is out of control on Maui, causing millions of dollars in damage.

    The big problem with these recreational hunters (it is for recreation, not subsistence) is they don’t take enough of these damaging, fast reproducing invasive species to curtail their populations from exploding. Then, the more adaptable ones like sheep, goats, pigs and now deer, just go up the slopes if they feel threatened. The state has a point that there are very few of these recreational hunters willing to hike up 5,000 feet or more after sport game.
    Meanwhile, the growing herds eat, trample and destroy native vegetation which provides the ecosystem for the native species. The damage of these invasive species far outweigh the benefits the hunters are getting.

  • Kaʻu Kamanu

    Boaz r us: I am from Kaʻu! Maybe you should start dropping the names of the hunters you say are absolutely against the fence… Leave your number like the other brave hunters on the blog, Iʻll give you a call and you might be shocked when you find out who I am… I one humble man and I like sit at the table and kukakuka so we can sort out our differences, similarities and priorities as Kaʻu huntas. If you really from Kaʻu, you might know that get one braddah who live hea (mean huntah, big family, win hunting tournaments all the time) that sold all of his dogs. Why? cause no mo pigs. Why? cause get plenty huntahs LIKE YOU SAID “been POUNDING these GROUNDS for years” PERIOD. The price of dog food and gas cost way more than the meat he catch foʻ feed his family, he may as well save his time, money, gas, truck mileage and energy and send the wife go buy meat from Island Market, Malama or Ocean View Supermarket. I can go on… and if you donʻt know who I talking about by now… YOU NOT FROM KAʻU… and you like bring up sistah Nohea Kaʻawa and our Kaʻu Kupuna, if wasnʻt for people like them, Kaʻu wouldʻve had the space port, the riviera, the prison the punaluʻu development… Nobody getting pimped. All of us from Kaʻu know what going on in our forest and in our ocean… Keep “pounding the Kaʻu grounds”… Maybe moʻ huntahs start selling deʻ dogs too and you know what? No give me your contact info, you no sound realistic enough foʻ me to sit and kukakuka with, I take the name of the huntahs you when talk to though (if you like give ʻem), maybe we can reason with them instead. Have a good day my braddah, in the end all I get for you is ALOHA…

  • Kaleopono

    Aloha kākou. I live on a Kamehameha Schools leasehold avocado and macadamia nut farm in the Ahupuaʻa o Keauhou, ma uka. So I will not comment on the Moku o Kaʻu forest restoration/preservation issue. What arises in my manaʻo after reading the news report and posted comments regarding forest preservation in Kaʻu is the following: the world is going through very severe changes as industrial capitalists (the one tenth of one percent folks) seek ever more power and control over remaining (dwindling) natural resources (throughput for their cash cow corporations), and intensify police-state-like suppression and control of plebeians (virtually ALL OF US) who object to the consequent ongoing erosion of our health, well-being and happiness. Polarization of our politics is worsening as the angry, avaricious right wing political folks do the bidding of the 0.001 percent folks who are actually running the show using their wealth and power to get their way. The welfare of the people is declining precipitously as a result; daily living is becoming a tougher and tougher struggle. We in Hawaiʻi are isolated from all the large continental populations by thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean; we live way out beyond the industrialized economic mainstream. It is like we (and a few other Pacific islanders) are in outer space compared to the rest of the Earthʻs people. Everything we need to support our lives, whether produced outside the state and shipped in or produced locally, is high cost. It is impossible for us to meet or compete with the ʻriggedʻ industrial marketplace subsidized price structure. For our future to be prosperous we will need to learn to accept simplified ways of living that draw upon traditional Hawaiian cultural values including primary respect for and care of (mālama) the ʻāina (the foundation of our sustenance and being). Perhaps the most important and most fundamental component of that is the Aloha Spirit; an attitude within that guides oneʻs behavior toward all other people and outward events. When there is serious conflict between views held by members of a community, nā kūpuna ought to oversee and lead a process of hoʻoponopono that reconciles individual to individual, ʻohana to ʻohana, community to community…all exemplifying aloha. We – nā poʻe o Hawaiʻi – are inescapably all in this canoe of life together. We all must figure out how we can pull together to assure the best possible survival for everyone. We cannot and will not make it as isolated, angry lone wolves, as individuals who think “It has to be my way or the highway” and sustain an attitude of superiority toward those who express different perspectives. E hoʻohui kākou.

  • John Griffiths

    To the post (warning )n others who might believe his bs ,you say you checked into the law suit as a scam ? I challenge you to prove it right . My name is Joe Griffiths so everybody know my name I don’t hide behind a phony name , so if anybody wants to blame or come look for someone who is scamming I will take the heat. You got a big mouth back it up I can n will. One more dummy trying to let DLNR and the rest of them scam u out of your land . As I said my name is Joe Griffiths this is no scam, do you really think with all this media attention n names n phone numbers attached for the whole to see people are scamming ? Com on boy wake up

  • Munsta Souza


    My name is Munsta Souza a Natural Resource Fencer by trade a hunter by birth. I would like to give a little background about who I am and what I do. I was born and raised on the east side of the island of Oahu in a small place called Kahalu’u. I and my siblings were brought up living off the land hunting,diving,fishing and growing fruits and vegetables to eat. We would trade with other families for things and thats how it was simple lovely living still wish it was so. And yes, Punated it was subsistence

  • Munsta Souza


    My name is Munsta Souza a Natural Resource Fencer by trade a hunter by birth. I would like to give a little background about who I am and what I do. I was born and raised on the east side of the island of Oahu in a small place called Kahalu’u. I and my siblings were brought up living off the land hunting,diving,fishing and growing fruits and vegetables to eat. We would trade with other families for things and thats how it was simple lovely living still wish it was so. And yes, Punated it was subsistence

  • Munsta Souza

    Sorry for the double post but somehow it posted before I was done.

    Anyway, I grew up hunting the Ko’olau Summit it was my father’s favorite spot. As he got older he asked me if I could promise him to show his grandkids the places he showed me. I did as he asked as the summit was always special to me because of the times shared with just my father and I. Fast forward some years, I got a job working for a Natural Resource Program I was very excited because I love the land. It has cared for me and I for it since I can remember and I was glad for the opportunity that I had. Soon thereafter the area I and my dad spoke about on the summit was fenced and I had a hand in it. I cried because I knew then and there that I couldnt keep my promise to my father. I had made a compromise to save the native habitat knowing full well that I would never again hunt these grounds with or without my children. When I got my job I was excited like I mentioned earlier and couldnt wait to tell my family and friends what I did. It was met with mixed reviews, on one hand it was supported because I would be caring for the land and on the other hand I would be the person responsible building these fences in the mountains. Needless to say Ive lost very good friends and dont speak to some family much because of what I do. I’d say ive compromised my personal life and relationships with close friends and family that till this day it hurts me inside. My point I guess im making is that when I speak I speak from experience not of what someone told me or assured me of. I could go on for days about the lies and deceit ive encountered in my years of service working with most private,state,govt entities etc whatever you wanna call them regarding making compromises etc.

    In the beginning I tried working with them as I mentioned earlier making compromise after compromise yet getting nothing in return which was promised to us. Ive been in the field 11 going on 12 years. Ive been a full time fencer for 6 years and fencing off and on for all my time. I have built ungulate fences like the one being proposed in Ka’u on 5 of the 6 major islands including the big island. Before going full time on the fence crew I was a natural resource technician. My job as a natural resource tech. included but not limited too rare/endangered plant monitoring and outplanting, Invasive weed removal, ungulate removal and monitoring, making and collecting data from transects, plots, mapping, rare plant survey’s etc. In my time ive worked with most if not all entities from every island. What im trying to say here is ive been doing it a while now and I know what im talking about its not just something I overheard etc. its something I live each and everyday. Last year our crew spent 8 months straight out of 12 camping in the remote areas of our state building ungulate fences. Most of it for the state so I deal with most of these people on a frequent basis.

    Through the years ive seen the compromises made by the hunters and other users of the forest and been told first hand the lies by the entities whom choose to fence off areas. I also know for a fact that the state cant even manage a 100 acre fence here on Oahu that you drive on a paved road to in 20 min. Tell me people of Ka’u how will they manage a 12,000 acre parcel that takes hours to get to on a gravel or mountain road? I build these fences I see first hand the damage created caused when ungulates are entrapped and a large ungulate pen is created. And the fence isnt managed due to its size,geographic location etc ask yourselves what then?

    I guess in the end im tired of seeing only the people, the hunters etc making the compromises. I would like to ask you guys to do your own research and ask pertinent questions and when given answers ask for them to be written not verbal. This is your land so make sure you really know the intent and purpose so that you can make sound decisions that will affect you and you future for generations to come. Ask about the management plan and how it will be funded? How many staff do they have to manage the area FULL-TIME? because trust me that will be a full time job to manage that fence. And questions like these that will ensure the proper management of this area now and for the forseeable future. Again let me say this GET IT IN WRITING PLEASE!

    Thank you people of Ka’u for allowing me to comment on this matter which I take very seriously.

    Ka’u Kamanu I would love to talk with you and other’s if you guys feel so inclined my email is listed below:


    Aloha and Mahalo for your time,

    Munsta Souza

  • Warning Again!!!

    I know get plenty boys out dea who like support so called hunting lawsuits… Look up the history of the people who collecting your hardworked, well earned money! Are they hunters themselves or thieves who like raise 40,000 dollars to split among interested scamming mistresses and fellow partners in crime to make an easy profit from vulnerable hunters ? I got some inside scoops at the public meeting in Kau from some of my long time hunting braddahz and they not going support the suit. The guys at the meeting that when talk only posing to the public like they on our side, is all one front for our money. Sorry guys gotta hea dis but it’s the truth…


  • Ka’u Kamanu

    Munsta Souza, you wanted to talk? I no do email… Right hea, what I say is public information, I no do private behind the scene kine stuff… All of the readers get they kick off of reading what people post and they leave the site with another kanaka maoli’s point of view (like mine & yours) on the subject. I no like deprive any readers of things they only think about saying but too scaed for let come outta de mouth… The reality and truth of the matter is that our forest is gone up mauka and some kind of management need happen! What? The pigs going replant what is lost? They going shit out the hapu’u they eat and going regrow? Ha…ha… That is the kind of false information people get when they rely on ignorant information from the non- scientist. The guys who was speaking out against the fence at the meeting get one atta plan that going protect our resources from destruction? Look at rapanui… Das what everybody like see happen to our Ka’u? I hunt and I fish! My ‘ohana live off he land but… We no only take! When is time fo’ give back, “we do our part”. The ice box can only give so much until goin’ need refilling… Right now, our forest need that refilling. Everybody: ” do your part” I remember one Ka’u kupuna saying those exact words with such passion when talking about protecting our environment ” do your part ” if you guys from Ka’u you know who I talking about. Uncle, you remember? Ya you ” kupuna pali”… ” DO YOUR PART”… All of the fight for Wao Kele o Puna… Isn’t this the same scenario… PROTECT OUR KA’U FOREST from further destruction… PUT UP THE FENCE… Das the only way… no body else get one better plan… Do you?

  • G. K.

    I walk the whole forest (Ka’u) as high as can go, by my self, with my sons for over 30 years, Did not matter day or nite (moon), I love Ka’u Life style, Dive all over the Ka’u shore lines, deep sea fishing all over Ka’u, I hunt only in Ka’u 99% of the time. 30, 20, 10 years ago many times we were the only hunters deep into the forest maybe 10 to 15 miles each way no one was there in the forest, it was ours at least that’s the way it felt! Maybe had a another party in Naalehu side some where. But not to many deep forest hunters, when my sons were young (teens) I would take a truck load of Ka’u Boyz up to 10 some times and we would hunt the forest walk until you hit! I know the forest the forest knows me and my sons! I’am a Ka’u Hunter so are my sons and all their friends and my friends! Where are the Hogs ? (selling dogs) they ARE IN THE KA’U FOREST ! But You need the DOG (one) that will stop it to catch! Many dogs can do it but when you have Da’ ACE! that is what hog hunting with dogs is all about. Yes it brings home meat! I am getting old might sell my dogs maybe hunt KTA Too! But my sons and their sons will do the hunting walking the deep forest! (THE YOUNG!) What is hunting to me? hearing your dog Call out to you (Steady-Bark) is the real high! As my sons say when were totally deep into the forest and totally exhausted you have to love it. Hunting, diving, fishing Ka’u is a life style! What do I Think about fencing in the forest, bring wire cutters, what is that saying give them an inch and they take 12000 acres than 100,000 than it’s gone but get the white mans Costco pork!!!! What next South Point? Everybody has their own views mine, well I walk the Ka’u forest all over the only fence i see all these years was broken ones deep along the Kahuku forest! But Now get plenty down low where you can’t even go no more so many young Ka’u Hunters will never see what the old timers had! ………last….. buy the best wire cutters you can get as I know one of the Best ( to me he was the best) Ka’u Hog Hunter would say! A Legends in Ka’u!!!!!!! Da’ End!

  • Ka’u Kamanu

    Keep walking deep enough, as you get higher and higher, NO MO’ FOREST… Everybody know the forest… The forest know everybody… If we no protect what we get now, not going even have one forest fo’ the KA’U BOYZ or their keiki’s… Yeah! Bring your wire cutters, more and more forest going disappear because you guys like be ignorant about the fence dat can be there for protect the forest… Read the proposed plan before making stupid remarks… GO AHEAD, CUT THE FENCE THEN YOU CAN TELL YOUR GRANDCHILDREN DAS’ WHY KA’U NO MO’ FOREST… CAUSE PAPA WHEN CUT THE FENCE… CAUSE HE NEVA KNOW BETTA… The plan not keeping people out of the fenced area… People can go deep in the forest… AGAIN, the fence not keeping people out… READ the DRAFT EA… Is all fo’ the Hawaiian culture… NO GET THINGS TWISTED BASED ON THE LACK OF REAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE PLAN…NOBODY TAKING ACCESS AWAY, THE PLAN IS GIVING ACCESS FO’ HUNTAZ LIKE YOU AND ME… AT THE SAME TIME, PROTECTING FOREST AREAS FROM DEFORESTATION… go get the dictionary, look up deforestation because that going be the first word you going have to tell your grandchildren if you continue thinking the way you do… And go look up best wire cutters because that going be the reason for you having to tell your mo’opuna that NO MO’ FOREST… LMFAO… Cause of some peoples IGNORANCE… You live Ka’u? Then you should know betta… You like continue having our lifestyle and resources, living off the ‘aina and the kai? Give back so the lifestyle and resources can continue giving to us! If you from Ka’

  • Ka’u Kamanu

    u, you should know betta, our kupunas taught us well… You like bring up south point? What you do fo’ down their? You one old timer? What you doing fo’ the health and well being of Ka’u? Who you? I know couple guys with the initials G.K… Dis one small town… What other options if you no agree with the fence? You can save our forest? How? Let me know genius…

  • Nolan kokubun

    I not one for talk shit but I born and raised in KA’U NOLAN KOKUBUN I know all the ka’u huntaz and I one hunta every week i in that mountian that they like fence and ka’u kamanu get pigs u must not hunt for say that and i enter hunting tourney ment i win i lose but i no hunt for
    tournaments i hunt cause as how i was raised and i love it and ya as true cause of pali capo and the hawaiians no more the prison and the space shit and like they said leave our aina alone and cause of them ka’u is the way it is and i grew up with all there kids and thats why they did it for the keikis so we can enjoy the aina and we are but what about my kids there kids no can go cause y one bird to me kids more important and nohea as my classmate i see where she coming from but u guys gotta understand that it is our land not theirs and kamanu u from ka’u then u know where i live or tell me where u live cause i dont know u who u anywayz my numba 895-2749 u like the fence u must not be proud of where u come from cause being from ka’u we no like change and u for talk like we no use the forest cause we to big for walk u don’t know shit I walk above the forest line into kahuku I enjoy the mountains I camp in that FAKA I no see u up dea nobody else up dea but me and my boys that can handle the hike the scientist and the DNLR no even see the shit I c they only can dream and wish they can walk that far and enjoy the mountains like me and as far as selling ur dogs no matter cause if u one true hunta u know that once a hunta always one hunta and I no buy pork y no need get in the mountian y I going buy I feed my dogs the guts and scraps I no waste like the DNLR shoot om and leave om!!!! All it comes down to is money and funding and U know it just make me sick for c one ka’u guy talk like that u making fun of all of us like we idiots if u really from ka’u u should know better making fun of the unclez fuck up U from ka’u u know me cause everybody know everybody out dea
    KA’U BOY for life
    bottom line LEAVE our forest alone

  • G>Kokubun

    Some people get brain wash – Fence means Kapu – get out! working on letting hunters in? YEA! only you! Know the real History of DNLR on this Island and the other Islands. Everybody knows the Ka’u Forest Now I know you don’t know what u are talking about. There are just the true Ka’u Hunters who know ….. Ask that question to us Ka’u Hunters… they will tell you, you are wrong there! Bra, when you walk n the forest and it ends it’s Muflon time! Like I said every body get their own views! I respect your view but the bottom line is all will be gone because the out side world will dictate what is right for Ka’u. It won’t be Me or you…………..$$$$$$……….this is what it is really about… DNLR gets monies from the Feds or some kind of funding they get the Ok to fence where ever… they keep their jobs. That fence was going up no matter what! They didn’t need anybody approval it was a done deal!!! You really don’t need to get bent out of shape! Your view is fine with me! I just keep hunting, fishing when I can until there is a fence lines from Ocean view to Hilo along the forest and the Monies will keep pouring in so the DLNR can enforce THEIR LAWS and arrest Ka’u Hunters!!!!!! You Know my view let the Ka’u (hunters) people decide, take a vote! If the DNLR beats out the Ka’u Hunters than so be it! But I don’t think so…… Maybe us dumd Ka’u Hunters can find a better way… not the Out siders way but the KA’U WAY! It seems you could help KA’U decide what is best for all of Ka’u, not only look at one side and condemn Hunters who disagree with your view. There has to be a better Ka’u way …..run by the people for the people! Why battle? Now we going get 2 fencing in the Ka’u Forest…Sign…wire cutter! Sorry just a Ka’u Hunters View!!!!!

  • Glenn Kokubun

    G.K………………………………………………..People get Brain Wash! You Have Your View, and most ka’u hunters have a no fence view!!!! There are better ways than having DLNR Outsiders tell Ka’u what is good for them! History is not on the DLNR side!!!!! Keep Ka’u- Ka’u! sign by da’ ……………….wire cutter!

  • Josh Domen

    There’s nothing “natural” about aerial shooting and leaving animals to rot . there’s nothing natural about putting fences and sign’s saying ” NO HUNTING” . This is not only pubic ground but ground for us the people to gather food . i don’t live in ka’u and i never hunted that area yet. if there’s fences and no hunting then i and many generations will not be able to have that experience . i have two young nephew who live and hunt there in ka’u and they love hunting . DLNR should really just stick to what they already have and take care of that cause right now they are not. NO FENCING , AERIAL SHOOTING , AND DLNR

  • Ka’u Kamanu

    Eh Braddah Nolan, I apologize fo’ coming off dIsrespectful… I know you, pahala boy! What, you still live Sub D? I know your Braddah devin, wife randell… I from Ka’u, no questions asked… I live up Ha’ao… One questions that
    I like know is WHY you no like the fence? The plan is not all about the bird… Everybody gotta read the draft Environmental assesment if you Neva already… Easy fo’ find, the information can be found as easy as it is fo’ find dis site. What is some atta options, your ideas for protecting the forest without fencing? I accept the opposition, is okay that we both feel different, das life but we smart enough as Ka’u BOYZ fo’ find some kind of balance that suit both ends… Whatever DLNR did in the past well it is what it is, they get new people like your classmate nohea that come from one big Ka’u family with strong cultural background. Straight up people like her in a position like that is the start to filtering out the pilau past. I know she real, I just saw her down the beach poking fish fo’ Pop’s funeral, she know what it means to live off of our resources. Go talk to her, give her your mana’o, maybe she can be the bridge fo’ communicate to the atta side so dat things get done the right way for KA’U first time around… A hui hou Braddah…

  • Junya boy

    I just wanted to let everybody know that Ka’u hunters was informed about the draft plan. People writing stuff like all of the Ka’u boys is against the fence. Not really! I talked to over twenty kau hunters that was informed and that went on site visits and meetings and you know what? First hand information, they support the fence. Just talking the facts of the matter. Everybody knew that even though the long list of kau hunters were contacted, still not all hunters were going to hear or learn about the plan so now, people creating waves and thats why this word press is getting so negative against the fencing. With that said, that is exactly why there was that public meeting that DLNR had so that the other hunters who wasn’t contacted could familiarize themselves with the public information about the plan. Did any Ka’u “hunters” talk? I Neva recognize 12 people (out of the roughly 15 speakers) that my boys and I know still hunt in Ka’u and the other three people who is from Ka’u, only one maybe might still hunt (spydah). All in all, nobody can say that all of the Ka’u hunters is against the fence because I talked to choke boys and they understand and agree with the reasons for the fencing. You like know who they are? Start asking the boys that really hunt in Ka’u and you going get the answer.

  • Mr. Kaleleiki

    Josh Domen, Fu*k you! You not even from Kaʻu so shut the Fu*k up. Theres nothing “natural” about me having to share my ancestrally inherited Hawaiʻi with your sorry a*s. Go home, back to your ancestors land, we get enough sh*t we gotta deal with. You, the other haoleʻs and all your ancestors are contributorʻs to the problems we having today in Hawaiʻi! I see you posting on all of the Big Island Video news like what you say should matter, you like help the situation, go back home, all you guys no belong here, let alone commenting on our Hawaiian cultural issues like is suppose to make you a welcomed individual! GO HOME!

  • Nolan kokubun

    I seen the fence the national park is making the kahuku boundary. they had to stop that fence because of funding I think u guys need this funds for complete that fence. and u guys using this for get that funds. watch people they get this money they going finish that fence and then fence there 12000 acres. They need this plan for fall through cause it brings in the money SAD. (a big fence they made up dea right above pahala they stay on the national park boundary old kahuku) they like go all the way across and probley join that fence to there so called plan. I hope im wrong but I just putting 2 and 2 together. And u ask y I no like the fence because they always take our land look by kailena they get their area up dea fenced. How about we ask for 12000 acres I BET u they would Neva let that fly. It’s all about the money and they need om cause they no moa so they come up with this plan so they can get the cash they need. Cause that fence above pahala is all most done I no need read the plan I get my own mind and that plan is full of shit if u ask me. Because the same guys going build that fence is the same ones going fence that 12000 acres. I HOPE I IM WRONG!!!! But watch that shit happen and what boys u went talk to cause nobody told me nothing. Talk to the PAHALA BOYZ cause that’s Wea they going fence pahala side no make up story’s u when talk to ova 20 huntaz how u know they huntaz? Or poserz fuck man everybody get there own views but I know one shit load of huntaz no like that fence they said build om I cut that FAKA!!!! LMFAO!!!!!

  • No Matter…

    All of you, talk all you want but if you did not submit your written comments to the subject, it does not matter. What good is all of this site talk if you did not submit anything. Especially to you, Kaʻu Boyz (Huntahz), you are always gonna wonder and think and hope but if you never take the necessary steps to get the information processed to a higher platform to have something done about what you wonder, think and hope, your voice is unnoticed in the process. Too bad!!! All of you who claim your love for the mountains, hunting, Kaʻu lifestyle in general, it does not matter because you do and did nothing about protecting everything that Kaʻū posses. Truly the act of someone without the bloodline of the real traditional Kaū kanaka.

  • Native

    What about the sheep? They live up at the 5000 ft elevation. They are also a food source for the (local) people. What goin happen when they find dead bats or dead endangered plants on the outside of the fence? Expansion of the fence is what goin happen, they say it’s only goin be a set amount of fence… No be fooled, before long the whole mountain goin be a bat and plant sanctuary!! So what other cultural things the state going take away from us, the right to enter and pick mai’le too… They way they going I wouldn’t be surprised. If you no believe me den go visit pohakuloa, every six months a new fence plan is in play… We as the native people should have a right to say no!! These plans were all made by haoles in pohakuloas case… How the next generation goin survive!!!!!!! Oh yah u not from here? No Speak- go back where you from!!

  • To: Native

    People like you EMBARRASS all Kanaka Maoli O keia Mokupuni O Hawaiʻi… “Maiʻle”? FYI Pololei spelling: “Maile”. Maopōpō ʻoe? Dont even represent us Kanaka Maoliʻs if thatʻs the way you make us look, canʻt even spell the ʻōlelo right. Hilahila ʻoe… you no speak!

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