The Governor and Sen. Kahele meet for a look at Lanakila

HILO, Hawaii: Governor Neil Abercrombie got a first hand look at the decrepit conditions of the Lanakila Homes Public Housing Units in Hilo on Friday.

State Senator Gil Kahele has made it one of his goals to rehabilitate the derelict homes, which are abandoned, boarded up, and overgrown with weeds and tall grass.

On Friday, Sen. Kahele coordinated a quick stop with the governor to show him the problem.

Uri Barron-Silva, a beneficiary of a future renovated unit who is on the list for a home but has been waiting for months for the renovations to begin, was also on hand to share his story with the Governor.

The governor seemed to think the structures would have to be demolished and a new project started from scratch, but the Senator feels the buildings – made of a durable redwood – can be fixed up and be put back to good use.