Fireworks over Waikoloa

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Hawaii: Many of those big fireworks displays you will see on the west side of the island this 4th of July are created by a family business located in Mountain View.

Hawaii Explosives & Pyrotechnics, run by the Pascual ohana out of Pa’ani Ranch handles some of the biggest shows in the entire state.

As you can imagine, its a busy time of year for the business. For co-founder Donald Pascual, the business – founded in 1990 – was a natural progression from the explosive work he used to do.

The company has since diversified to offer all sorts of entertainment related activities on the ranch… ziplines, ATV rides… but in July, fireworks take-over.

This year, on Hawaii island alone, Four Seasons Hualalai, Kailua-Kona, Mauna Kea Resort, and Queens Marketplace will all be using Hawaii Explosives & Pyrotechnics’ fireworks.

The family is at the top of the local industry, in a state that loves its fireworks.

And in case viewers find this story too inspiring: before you go out and try to duplicate these explosions in the sky, Stephanie Pascual reminds about the dangers of pyrotechnics.