Rep. Herkes celebrates the H.O.V.E. water well with residents

HAWAIIAN OCEAN VIEW ESTATES, Hawaii: The Hawaiian Ocean View Estates water well, the long awaited, $6 million project in the remote Ka’u subdivision, is now providing residents with water.

A special dedication ceremony was held a 9:00 in the morning on Thursday, July 5th. Residents lined up with plastic water jugs in hand, ready to fill them up.

If some of these folks still sound a little doubtful, its with good cause. They have had to push and fight for decades just to get to this point. We spoke to State Representative Bob Herkes and residents Martie and Don Nitsche about the long road to this moment.

This publicly funded project establishes a basic drinking water system complete with a well, storage tank, transmission pipeline, and fill station for the subdivision. Tge Department of Water Supply says that to ensure encumbrance of State funds within a very short legislative timeline of 2 years, this project was procured as design-build that was executed in two phases.