VIDEO: Parents of missing boy off South Kona speak to media

VIDEO: Parents of missing boy off South Kona speak to media
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Madoffs speak to media

KEALAKEKUA, Hawaii: As the search continues for 15 year old Tyler Madoff, who was swept out to sea by large waves at Ka’awaloa near Kealakekua Bay, his parents flew in to Hawaii and addressed the media in a press conference.

Michael and Marianne Madoff spoke to a print reporter and a camera crew at the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort on Sunday morning, expressing their thanks for the efforts of those involved with the search and rescue operation.

Madoff, visiting with a tour group from White Plains, New York, was said to have been exploring tidal pools near the Captain Cook monument when a large wave surged upon him and other kids.

Another 15 year old boy was seriously injured during the incident, and Madoff has been missing ever since.

VIDEO by Matt Binder, Visionary Video 


  • Anonymous

    I am dismayed to learn that the Bold Earth company did not help search for Tyler.

  • Anonymous

    So sorry for the tragic loss of Tyler.

    I read the Bold Earth itinerary for the trip Tyler was on, on the Bold Earth website. It reads that ocean safety and awareness training for the kids happens on day 5, and the incident happened on day 3.

  • Anonymous

    Crying just watching this.

    Tyler I’ll miss you so much buddy, wish I could have known you better.

    SHS will never, ever be the same without you. It’s a shame you won’t be graduating with the class of 2014.

  • Anonymous

    Our hearts go out to the Madoff Family. It is something no Parent wants to have to hear or deal with. We have said many prayers for Tyler. We are part of the SHS Community and we wish you Hope and Faith. I think we all feel a sense of loss in our Town. If there is anything we can do here in Scarsdale, we would love to support you in any way possible.

    May lots of Love, Faith and Courage follow you where ever you may tread.

  • http://nydtv.net Thomas
  • Jim Channon

    The young guides had to drive their group in their one vehicle north one and a half hours into a rainy cold setting where their camp was established earlier. Then they prepared food and got the kids to sleep early. In the morning their was a period where the tragedy was discussed to a very demoralized group of young people. And they left early to marry up with their parents who came to get them early. I feel the guides left the site to take care of their group for the evening while other more professional help was on the scene. I hosted this group on my land.

  • http://919-286-0411x5966 susan easter


  • Melody

    Too late for the blame to be passed around, that won’t bring comfort to this poor family but prayers for them will, and for the young boy in the hospital, and the other surviving children would be welcomed I’m sure. I live a cross the street and saw how broken the spirits of all thoes children were, I still cry and pray for them.
    My sincerest condolences to Tyler’s family, to Tylers mom; I will take a flower to the ocean for him everyday as I would if it was my child…. God Bless your family…

  • Anonymus

    I grieve with the madoff family… I was on the same exact trip exactly 1 year ago with bold earth. I had the time of my life and Andy was 1 of my counselors…He is the nicest man and most experienced person in regards with Nature I have ever met. And the guy who is in critical condition…im 99% sure if it wasnt for Andy there would have been 2 people missing.

  • tiffany808

    I’m sorry for your loss

  • Concerned

    Are they asking the right questions to the right people? Ask yourself this should they have even left the dock? High surf, small craft advisory, who should have cancelled that tour in the beginning? The company hiring the tour company or the tour company that put the kids in the water for
    Money? Or the state for not closing the small boat harbor on that day? If you are on tour you trust the tour guide to know the weather conditions and you trust their decisions since you are on their territory.
    DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN ! Reprimand the right company…


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