HAWAII COUNTY: By now you may have noticed the common thread in many of these County Council candidate discussions here on Big Island Video News: the implementation of the Community Development Plans.

Most candidates for Hawaii County Council have had something to say about the administration’s stance on the community driven documents. Many have complained that the administration has chosen to see CDP as a guiding tool rather than law, to be trumped by the general code.

The issue may have island-wide relevance, and a direct impact on the outcome of the mayoral election. It appears the issue was the motivation for former mayor Harry Kim to throw his hat into the ring in 2012.

Aside from the Kona CDP issues, it was also on Mayor Billy Kenoi’s watch that the Ka’u CDP fell to pieces, as planners and consultants went their separate ways, leaving the plan far behind schedule. He was also late in recommending nominations to the Puna and South Kohala CDP action committees.

However, it was also during Kenoi’s watch that the Hamakua CDP effort was funded, and by all accounts the creation of that document has been going well.

Hamakua Councilman Dominic Yagong – one of the other candidates for mayor – spoke about his role in that process during this forum in Kohala.

During the same forum, the mayor spoke about his administration’s philosophy towards the various Community Development Plans around the island.