New baby dolphin born to 12 year old mother, Keo, at Dolphin Quest Hawaii

Video by Dolphin Quest Hawaii via YouTube

WAIKOLOA, Hawaii: There is a new member of the family at Dolphin Quest Hawaii located at the Hilton Waikoloa Village. The new baby dolphin – the first second generation calf born at the conservation facility which also serves as an attraction to guests visiting the posh resort – was filmed as it emerged from the womb of its mother, 12-year-old Keo.

According to the folks at Dolphin Quest, trainers were in the water during the dolphin birth to observe and comfort the first-time dolphin mom. The new baby’s dolphin grandmother, Pele and dolphin aunt Noelani were also in the Dolphin Quest lagoon to keep Keo company.

According to the Dolphin Quest website:

The baby, a female calf, and mom are both well and wonderful. The baby dolphin began nursing within four hours of birth. About 50 people gathered around the Hilton’s Dolphin Quest lagoon to witness the rarely-seen event. Keo was in labor for approximately one hour.

The first 30 days of a newborn dolphin’s life are the most critical. Dolphin Quest trainers will continue round-the-clock watch over the pair, recording nursing and respiration rates, and making sure that Keo is well-fed and hydrated. Over that period, Keo’s new baby will be introduced to the other nine dolphins at Dolphin Quest Hawaii. After the initial 30 day care period, trainers will select a name for the new baby girl.

The new baby dolphin is the 18th to be born at the conservation and education-dedicated marine park since Dolphin Quest opened in 1988. It is also the first second-generation calf.