WAIMEA, Hawaii: One man was injured when a motorized glider crashed 150 yards southeast of the runway at the Waimea Airport on Hawaii Island, fire officials say.

The 80 year old pilot  was taken to North Hawaii Community Hospital where he is in stable condition.

The Carbon Fiber Motorized Glider model ASH 25 MI reportedly suffered an engine failure during its approach to landing around 10 a.m. on Sunday. According to the fire dispatch:

“During approach to land while in Glider mode, pilot experienced inadequate lift while turning from downwind to base leg of landing pattern. Pilot attempted to start engine in an attempt to make it to the runway, but the engine failed to start, resulting in a forced landing in a pasture approximately 150 yards South East of the Runway.”

Officials say the glider sustained moderate damage to the empennage, fuselage, landing gear, wing and tail sections. It is valued at approximately $250,000.