By David Corrigan

MAUNA LOA, Hawaii: It was a frightening evening for a group of hikers on the world’s largest volcano on Saturday night.

According to the Hawaii County Fire Department, six hikers found themselves lost on the way down from the summit of Mauna Loa, the Big Island’s huge, sleeping volcano.

A fire dispatch says that initially, five people reported via cell phone that they were lost and could not find their way down. They also reported another person had left their group and was missing. The total missing hikers was six, two females and four males, ranging in age from their early forties to mid fifties.

The fire chopper found the five lost hikers above the weather station on Mauna Loa, but because of darkness and topography the rescue team was unable to land. With the assistance of Pohakula Training Area firefighters, Hawaii County Fire crews were able to find the missing five hikers on the ground and transport them back to the weather station. Meanwhile, the sixth missing hiker who was alone found his was down on his own.

All hikers refused medical treatment. The ordeal was over before midnight.