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HILO, Hawaii: Three quarters of a million dollars have been released for the dilapidated Lanakila homes in Hilo.

On Friday, the office of Governor Neil Abercrombie announced that $750,000 had been released for the “design for renovation of existing buildings at Lanakila Homes”, part of the $91.9 million release for Capital Improvement Project across the state.

In June, Big Island Video News filmed as Governor Neil Abercrombie got a first hand look at the decrepit conditions of the Lanakila Homes Public Housing Units.

State Senator Gil Kahele has made it one of his goals to rehabilitate the derelict homes, which are abandoned, boarded up, and overgrown with weeds and tall grass. Sen. Kahele coordinated the quick stop with the governor to show him the problem.

According to the state, 62 of the 148 units are boarded up and abandoned, and the project will renovate those 62 units to allow renting to qualifying families.

The housing complex was developed in 1962.

The governor said the entire $91.9 million has the potential to immediately address priority work while stimulating the local economy and generating job opportunities.

“Our strategy to stimulate job creation and reinvigorate our economy is working,” said Governor Neil Abercrombie in the media release. “Since the start of 2012, my administration has released more than $841.8 million for CIPs, including these newly released funds.”