Archaeological survey to commence at Kāwā

Archaeological survey to commence at Kāwā
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Media release from Hawaii County Office of the Mayor

Kāwā, a 784-acre area that came into the stewardship of the County of Hawai‘i through the Public Access, Open Space, and Natural Resources Preservation program, is a special place that is home to endangered species and contains many cultural resources, historically significant sites, and burials. It is the County’s kuleana, or responsibility as steward of Kāwā, to protect and preserve this ‘āina and these special sites.

A September 2012 site visit to Kāwā by the State Historic Preservation Division confirmed the presence of a large burial complex, numerous smaller burial sites, and hundreds of archaeological features. Burial and historical sites are afforded protection under law.

After many months of listening, learning, and developing a greater understanding of the many special sites at Kāwā, the time has come for the County of Hawai‘i to move forward in fulfilling its role. In order to provide responsible stewardship of Kāwā, the County will be conducting an archaeological survey of cultural, historic, and burial features on the property.

Access to Kāwā will be limited while this archaeological survey is conducted. This limited access will be enforced by the Hawai‘i County Police Department.

Social service agencies will assist anyone staying at Kāwā with securing other living arrangements. Any structures on the property will be disassembled by workers from the County’s Department of Public Works.

Once the archaeological survey is complete, a management plan will be implemented to protect the cultural, historical, and burial features of Kāwā while allowing public access to learn about and enjoy this wahi pana, this special place.


January 2008: The County of Hawai‘i purchases a 234 acre parcel at Kāwā from the Edmund Olson Trust through the a State grant ($1.2 million) and the County’s Public Access, Open Space, and Natural Resources Preservation Fund ($708,000).

February 2011: The County filed a complaint to get full possession of its property at Kāwā. A similar complaint was filed by the Edmund Olson Trust for two parcels at Kāwā that would be acquired by the County thereafter.

June 2011: Orders giving full possession of Kāwā to the County and the Olson Trust granted. The granted orders allow the landowners to remove any persons on the property.

November 2011: Two additional parcels at Kāwā totaling 550 acres is acquired from the Edmund Olson Trust using a State grant ($1.5 million), a Federal grant ($507,000), and the County’s Public Access, Open Space, and Natural Resources Preservation Fund ($1.9 million).

March 2012: Access to Kāwā comes up as an important topic at a County Community Talk Story event in Nā‘ālehu. Follow-up began with lineal descendants of families from Kāwā.

March – June 2012: The County continued work to identify families with connections to Kāwā.

June 2012: The County brought together families identified as having lineal connections to Kāwā to begin discussion on the best way to care for the area.

July 2012: Families met again with the County to discuss an inventory of cultural and burial sites at Kāwā. The County followed up with families to identify known burials, many of which had documentation in the form of maps and death certificates noting Kāwā as the burial place.

August 2012: The State Historic Preservation Division reports on two archaeological inventory surveys of Kāwā done in 1961 and 1976. The past surveys show over 60 burial sites and 159 cultural features. SHPD advised the County of its liability should these sites and features be disturbed.

September 2012: A two-day site visit was conducted with lineal descendants, an archaeologist, County personnel, and staff from the State Historic Preservation Division. Over 60 burial sites with documentation from lineal descendants, as well as a large burial complex and hundreds of archaeological sites were located and identified. The GPS coordinates of the features were logged for future archaeological survey.

October 2012: An archaeological survey of cultural, historical, and burial sites commences. The archaeological survey will inform future planning and decision making.


  • Anonymous

    now everyone can go enjoy kawaa


    ENJOY KAWA? SEEMS LIKE SOME WICKED PEOPLE JUST STARTED WAR ON EACHOTHER? AND THERE ARE 1000 people or more that are gonna rejoice when the wicked get cut off this earth for good!

  • Mummy Wummy

    Anonymous: everyone could go enjoy Kawa before…save for the crack and meth heads. Abel never put up with tweaking on the beach…..say, you’re not telling us something, are you? Naw…couldn’t be….

  • Ka’u People

    This false claim sly no good BS FAMILY that took over all of Kawa’a are soooooo- Sold Out. Liars. Thieves. Violent. Over Fed. Greedy. Fake. Liars. Liars. Over fed. Money Hungry. Pilau.

    Dis respectful. Disgrace. Sad Life’s yeah i think we all must pray for this family , pray they don’t go out to bad they are asking for violent but God will deliver them so sit back and enjoy the coming of GOD and His People.

    Get a life and if you never get warned and wake up from the tidal wave…you have alot more coming your way…alot you better fear God and stop you non-sense words….all being recorded and shared all of Ka’u are seeing you wicked words and slander against innocent people…shame on you!! HEWA HEWA HEWA!!!!!!!

  • Onyou

    Eh Kau Individual!

    Where were you when we had the meeting in Kau? Oh yah! You wasn’t there, cause everyone there was pushing for the eviction! No opposition heard? What you came late, or you Neva’s come?!? So now you Smack talking!!


    Hey over fed money hungry violent sold out , super lost and not from Ka’u a i’m all my life, i seen you come in the last recent years acting all tough and mean to everyone there, never waving or introducing your selfs..just straight Kings and Queens claiming all the family’s of Sacred family’s..wow you messing with some heavy mana. I noticed many come and go from Kawa…The good ones malma aina and the bad ones get scolding’s and hope they learn not get mad and spread lies..random outsiders that no can handle being scolded…I am a witness to it all. The bad campers, hippies, moks whatever you racist family call them they come and the aina and the local known iwi kapuna’s where respected and left at peace being Able restored peace and gathering back to a sacred village and it was not known for fishing too, it was a offering non-violent Hiau to Akua and him only! Now the pave the sacred Uhaloa medicine plants that only grew along side the lava road…so sad and they as “Hawaiians are happy about this and dare mention iwi kapuna and now it going be better…oblivious to the so far data recorded supporter’s for this matter has gone world wide and already hit the U.N. , they already probably called the state. You all are in so much trouble , it’s amazing how ignorant you are to that fact.

    You are keeping a Hawaiian by blood from his sacred place, where he lives, where he grows his food, where his tutu and all related to Keawe dwells and watching. I know He not liking this at all he was from the greater line , the line of King David.

    You must learn your history, you sound so dumb and using same lies and excuses even after hundreds of Hawaiians, locals 30 years plus and even International native tribes all saying BAD AND SAD! wake up please don’t stop in nowhere land,

    Yes you came from Africa and we all have the same God and you are messing with His righteous line that was and will still be placed back to his home.

    5,000 plus people that are supporting this war crime of civil and fed state co-op against unconquered native land and people, not the sold out ones that love money, see we the majority of Kanaka Maoli’s of Ka’u the Locals, and Native Tribes, we the people are not blind anymore.

    All being filed for 5 million dollar law suit and arrest for terrorizing kids and community’s and a old man with heart trouble, how dare you claim truth in what legal trans actions you took and palapala kaka you think is going to help all laws are void if you fought for the Hawaiian kingdom you know this obvious you have no idea… Hawaii is still at war and all laws under U.S. laws and state and civil laws are all void so in the end you people will loose or worst and no mo money lol Your family if not forgiven by tutu pele or tutu Mu or all the iwi kapunas your money and ego is disturbing this very sec i make amends to Akua he forgives and removes you all with safety, i called off the tsunami it was a warning next time not so good..it is up to you your choice if you had knowledge you know what to do. This is heavy mana in the air I AM What I AM , sorry for them that they have even brought this violence and development to there aina and life and messed up the pono that was Kapukini with Akua…shame shame shame!! Akua says You all forever will never never never ever be welcomed to Kawa, get out now for danger and your lifes are on a table for the Righteous and the are gathering in the thousands. So please if you think you going be happy and have fun and feel safe make sure you get 24/7 military guards because over 5,000 people and growing every second and even more when i expose many written documentations of all your violent comments and words attacking and threatening peoples peace , people are crying and traumatized…how evil to come in and comment Yes! Feel and be happy and use Jesus or God’s name, how evil and a threat to all life. You been warned by amakua o’ kaikanakanamuha’a! take heed to this message it is the truth and only the truth.

  • Mummy Wummy

    From Abel’s FB page: “Uncle Abel has been living on the land for years. “This is God’s country,” he says. “This place has never been conquered by man.”

    A biofuel company is coming in, wanting to level (eventually) 20 square miles of pristine land in the name of sustainability (by using a GIANT microwave!)… Uncle Abel was the only real thing standing in their way. We attended a secret meeting (moved at the last minute to lessen community participation) for this biofuel company to open the floor to community opinion. Uncle Abel’s girlfriend Katrina was asked to put down her camera, that no media was allowed.

    That was a couple of weeks ago.

    The cops showed up early (before the surfers) this morning, several police SUVs as well as several county trucks and dump trucks lining the entrance at the highway (somewhere around 50-60 people). They came and asked us to pack up and leave. They stood by our camp watching as we packed and told us we could not go say goodbye to the uncles. They claimed there was some kind of ecological survey, and the beach would be closed for 30 days. They were replaced by different cops fairly quickly, and those cops said they were there as part of an “eviction,” letting us know that they were criminal police not often used on civil cases like this.

    Later (about 45 minutes), they hurried us up and escorted us to the highway. Outside, we were going to wait for our ride to the green sands beach, but Katrina was yelling from the back of a cop car in pain. We watched as a medic checked her forehead and wrists. She said she was told they had 2 hours to collect their things, and after she began taking pictures, she was restrained, thrown to the ground, and somehow hit on the head. She insisted the handcuffs were too tight, so they replaced them with plastic restraints. She was taken to the police station in Kona. She gave us the key to the van, asking us to drive it to our friend Fred’s house (who introduced us to the uncles a few weeks ago).

    Uncle Abel was put in the back of an ambulance. He has had heart surgery, and his hands went numb from hyperventilation. Eventually, Uncle Moses drove their blue truck off the property to the side of the road where we were waiting. He was sighing and laughing… What else could we do?

    The police we talked to later told us that this eviction was a leftover order from 2010, and they could not tell us who the land owners are or who ordered the eviction. They told us that there are “Hawaiian bones” and old ruins on the site they wish to preserve.

    After getting all of the animals and important property out, they said they would extract whatever remaining structures and properties for them to go through after the 30 day survey. We drove south from Kawa to the town of Na’alehu to put gas in the van and say goodbye to the uncles. I assume Katrina’s camera was confiscated because it wasn’t in her camera bag, but we got her purse, documents, printer, and computer out of her car to keep them safe.

    As we drove north to Fred’s house and passed Kawa again, they had both entrances blocked and were moving a bulldozer in.

    If this was an ecological survey, they should have posted warning for at least a week in advance. “Kawa will be closed for geological survey from Oct 25, 2012 until November 24, 2012. Sorry for any inconvenience.” SOMETHING! Right?

    When they initially asked us to pack our things, Brett mentioned we were friends with Uncle Abel, and the cop (J. Natividad) immediately pulled out a notebook and asked to see our IDs. We believe he considered us homeless in his report. Won’t bode well for Uncle…

    We’ve heard legend of a man on Oahu with documented titles from the Hawaiian Kingdom regarding who REALLY owns the land. It was illegally taken (as was ALL of Hawaii) in the 1800s, and we haven’t heard of anyone attempting to locate this man or find any kind of documents. They are all conveniently missing, and I’m not sure how this Olsen Trust gained property rights. Abel is caretaker of over 100 acres from the mountains to the sea. It is his responsibility to keep the land preserved and in native hands. They took it in the name of preservation and sustainability…

    Uncle Abel and Uncle Moses are priests who have been Occupying 19.5 degrees latitude for several years. They are peaceful, completely non-violent men with a profound understanding of spirit and cosmos. This was the last stand of the Hawaiian Nation, reserving the rights of native tenants. No one will be allowed in for at least 30 days… There’s no telling what they will do in that time…

    What’s more interesting – the amount of fresh water that is protected in these mountains flows from under the ground at Kawa… Millions of gallons, ready to be brought to thirsty nations… With these lands in the hands of the Olson Trust, the trees will be leveled and replaced by Monsanto grass, and biofuel rights will be given to the military. What will happen to the water?



  • Here2Stay

    Instead of trying to bash the families why not read for yourself what the families have been trying to do rather than make assumptions based on your bias views. you know nothing of the other rightful heirs that FREQUENT Kawa. You complain that the family is arrogant but yet you speak from arrogance. quite contradicting arent we. So dont use the term “We Ka’u” cause its not its just a few of you radicalist that talk about hawaiians coming in and taking the land from Abel but the truth is that Abel is trying to claim what isnt RIGHTFULLY his. and these families are coming to take it back. i just pray that one day Abel will be up front and tell everyone the truth about who he is and stop planting these seeds of lies for you all to follow.

  • Why?

    #$!(#%*!Straight Dummys sold their soul to the devil….wake up HAWAIIAN Family’s they just using you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FACTS!!

    Abel never claimed land!

    Abel said land was giving to all by GOD!!

    Abel never said he owns LAND!!



  • Here2Stay

    No Why?
    maybe you should wake up stop for a second to realize that this place was sold to a private entity… which means he can sell it to another private entity and when it reaches their hands that could possibly be a mainland developer whos gonna stop them from developing? You? it happened on the point next to Kawa where were you when that happened? whos to say it wouldnt have happened to Kawa. the county purchasing this area was the smartest thing for the assured preservation of the Iwi Kupuna and Sites that are there.


    The land should never be sold, Hawaiians never had a word that meant own land lol

    no duh I can not stop development and un clean vibes all over sacred land disturbing souls at rest hidden now exposed….Not good claiming private claims and money and u.s.a. laws….get real, grow up and get a life..there is more to life than iwi kupuna claims to get county to take over. You so called owners could of done it non funded and work with all locals the righteous way…you did’t and i was not THERE ON THE POINT BECAUSE YOU NEVER TELL I EVER or Kaumana Or Princess Mu!!.. I can not stop it but good thing Akua as our foundation and actions and words, “we” can stop this non- sense and for sure because we all are in pono you guys messed up the flow of life.

  • Anakala


    Kaʻu Ohana/U got what i need/Powerless/Mummy Dearest/Louanne/Fake/Onyou/Here2Stay/Anonymous/Kawa Lives/Christian Omerod/Nani Ome/etc etc etc….

    You can continue to create new monikers every time you comment to make it seem like more than just a handful of related people are posting negative things about Abel, but you arent fooling anyone.

    Same IP addresses, same bullsh*t. So shame you guys!

  • Onyou

    Lol! Still laughing at you Anakala! As I previously stated your so full of it. To accuse all individuals, why, because they don’t support your BS! Get real you fake!

  • Shut Down Apiki Ohana Again

    yeah all same people writing bad comments and happy about a cruel act, i can see the IP address lol all the same, they are so dumb…yeah that’s why they doing this, they are dumber than dumb. All talk but so many shutting them down with truth. Abel get land title and was left out of every meeting. You are rich people come in only past couple years and see Abel as a bum or poor homeless dirty scary squatter so you release anger and make up lies for get the public and “tourist” support. You all are getting shut downed, sued, tought some real history and lineage of Ancient times not just your proud long dream on being the Ka’u ohana of Ka’u. YOU NOT FROM KA’U AND NEVER WILL BE IN FACT YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM BIG ISLAND!!

  • Onyou

    Laughing at you…lol! You nevah even shut them down, how can you say again?!? Dumb and dumber is right! Abel is a squatter and thanks to the Kau Community the County evicted him!!

  • 100% Shut D Onyou

    You can laugh now wicked Ohana…, we go laugh last.

    hmmm ok —> Ka’u “U.S.A.” sold out Community? Lost on that one.

    Really? This message is coming from Ka’u and the people of Kawa and God. Community is the new comers and rich Haoles…wow you just announced your sold out…

    so the foul remarks like your all sold out is not too foul now …i like laugh…i’ll save for later with all the rest that through God will shut down anything that stands in between Ka’u People of the land not Money based community.

    Go lip some more , you will forever be shut down with truth and more knowledge on how to have aloha from God. Good luck on your next comment.

  • 100% Shut D Onyou

    Also you confirmed you called Abel a squatter… fact – “a Hawaiian Native to all Hawaiian land by law by your recent over thrown Queen and law of God…. wow . who’s the foul, greedy, over fed, sold out, tough guys, real Hawaiians claim all the iwi…wow. seriously good luck on next comment you dream to be winning any ego mind trip battle over retarded matters…wow.

    I never stop or heed to wickedness being blotted out against the humble and poor. NO full of energy, love, life, happiness, all goodness and straight SHUT D! every time you comment going be SHUT D!!


  • Onyou

    Eh 100% Shut D for Dumb! People of Kawa?!? Laughing at ^ thats some funny sht!! “new comers and rich haoles!?! looks like you guys got the market on that, cause every time I go Kawa the only thing I see is “newcomers and rich haoles!” No need sell, you guys already selling! Blocking Hawaiians! No Aloha!!

    Oh yah! The message from Kau was this –> Enforce the Eviction! and if I not mistaken, one of my Kupuna’s said “he’s a squatter, he no belong here!”

    So get a grip! and stop talking dodo…people of Kawa…hah! That’s some seriuosly funny sht!!

  • Onyou

    Oh and by the way, while everyone is referred to as children you wanna be a “warrior of the rainbow”…what kine warrior you?? Sounds a little arrogant to me….Buwahahahaha!

  • Onyou

    Deleting post, is that what you meant by shutting me down? Lol! I’d hate to think that the media is violating my first amendment right!

  • Here2Stay

    oh now its getting good….. deleting post? now, now cant we do this in a civil manner?

    All i want to see is some Genealogy. Is it not the PONO way to settle land disputes? If the palapala shows the truth than thats what we all should be looking towards. Who has the Palapala to say Abel should rightfully be on that land maybe if it comes forth then all will be settled? RIGHT!

    See im not jus some coconut!!

  • Here2Stay

    many of you are saying is that you want the true descendants to turn their heads and allow Abel to reside at Kawa. Seems to me you are asking that Abel be allowed to do what you are angry at the government for doing? is it not the same thing? Is he not trying to acquire land that is not his, therefore breaking the same International laws that you accuse the descendants of these families for doing? Until it can be undoubtedly proven that he is in fact a direct descendant of these lines all that you are saying is just opinions and not facts.


    Because warriors of the rainbow all God’s children Shut Down evil people like you that never give up yapping dudu. Shut D in 34 seconds this time. Just take the last comment well and move on your life you’ll never get the last word , God is good and God is Great!! amen. Love you Abel and all the mighty warriors of Ka’u!! SO happy and blessed the victory that is coming! So much Glory! Can’t wait to see their huge faces and even better when they realized they been used by elites.

  • Onyou

    Thrown in reverse and backing over your comments, Rainbow, sounds a like defeat to me! Spewing evil words, suggesting evil thoughts and using God for your dirty deeds, is not only ungodly like, but blasphemy!

    So stick to the subject matter, have your facts ready before you speak, and leave God out of it!!

    If want to have an intelligent unbiased conversation, then lets have one, but don’t berate the families and make them out to be evil doers, dragging them thru the mud, when all their trying to do is preserve the iwi kupuna and the historical sites that are there. You wanna be Hawaiian, then act like one!

    The people of Kau are but a Proud People, and you a far cry from being a warrior of Kau!!

  • Onyou

    Oh and to the Moderator, thanks! for respecting my First Amendment Rights by putting my comment back on the feed.

  • Here2Stay

    Hmm. seems that Mr. Rainbow are on these blogs a lot under multiple different names. why not stick to one? a little lost maybe, indecisive in your own identity. nothing to be ashamed of many native children go through seeking their identity. there are 2 roads to take conservative- like many of our proud monarchs that upheld the Hawaiian values or a Radicalist like what you have been portraying in your many babble filled blogs. So before you type again maybe you should settle down, have a glass of water and think about what your gonna write or even make a rough draft cause nothing you are saying here carry’s any validity. Onyou is right using God in your blogs to attack people is blasphemy, maybe you should read up on Mark 3:22 or Matthew 12:31 so you can know what not to do next time. and try coming from an educated point not to make us Hawaiian people look illiterate!


    BYE BYE no even waste my life read your babeling same old same old. I comment all i like never you mind mix it up…lol we are Ka’u probably for all you know..you are so off and lost of what’s around you. you missed the point of the TITLES and message. Same people are commenting above nothing to hid , save you lame comment…so many saying that even if is same they ALL saying the same thing that makes sense….your not making sense at all , too funny you just made my night, thanks good laughs , i see your getting more into it but not too smart so same bs as always , do you go back and read all you family or same person comments , so lame and weak and no foundation = NEVER HERE TO STAY GO HOME, YOUR HOME YOUR IN, YOUR SAFE HOUSE AND TIN ROOF . GOODLUCK MAKING SENSE AGAIN, ALOHA!


    Loves this comment. Here2leave i mean stray…maybe if they beg for forgiveness from Akua and false Ka’u people acting like Ka’u people. If you are shame on you once again just like the letter Atui king sent to President lol so go keep believing your lies..use your words and never reply to simply mature questions…O SORRY STAY KINDA UN EASY BEACUSE YOU AND ALL YOU LIPPAHS HAVE DESTROYED A SACRED PLACE AND HURT PEOPLE. YOU ARE THE MEAN ONES NO ONE LIKE EVER MEET OR EVEN HAVE THEM IN THERE SIGHT. SO PILAU AND NON- SENSE. You FELL FOR THE FROSTING IT’S NOT A THREAT LOL IT MEANS YOU FELL FOR IT BEACUSE YOU LIKE FROSTING.


    Mummy Wummy says:
    October 30, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    Ka’u Ohana: Nice try, kid.

    Louanne – a Hawaiian is a coconut if he/she believes in and follows the western colonial ways.

    An Indian is an apple if he/she believes in and follows the western colonial ways.

    An African American is an oreo if he/she believes in and follows the western colonial ways.

    It’s not rasicm, it’s political commentary. We either join hands as indigenous peoples or we don’t , and by that simple act of not doing we alter the very essence of who we are and succumb to divide and conquer. Congratulations on actively falling for D&C…you have now contributed to the continued genocide of indigenous peoples and the kanaka maoli of Hawaii. How does it feel to be a traitor and in treason the Kingdom of Hawaii?

    KALAKOA: LOVE your “American Frosting” 😀

    Here2Stay: Abel is the direct descendant of TIMOTEO KEAWE, the land owner on record on the Royal Patent which was conveyed in “ano alodio/alodio” perpetuity for the descendants/heirs. The other families who claim to be in the line were asked only to show death certificates and by producing documentation like this the State and County recognized their heirship but then took Kawa away from them. So, if people are defending the county they are rather bug-eyed as the county was saying, “we see you as the heirs, but now we take what is yours and do not give you money for this, we just take”. Makes no sense no matter who the rightful heirs are……..

    So if the other so called heirs of Kawa were living at Kawa the county would be saying, ‘you are rightful heirs but get off this land in two hours’…..it’s been a massive manipulation but people don’t want to accept that they have been hoodwinked and sucker punched…..maybe tomorrow they’ll wake up and say, “Wait a minute!” and hop on the Abel bandwagon.


    As for angry people posting, yes, there does seem to be a lot of anger….too bad because here I sit feeling rather imp-like for having fun with so many and watching as they scramble to come up with ANYTHING that’s legitimate…..hoo boy, the excuses and the ignorance are giving me all sorts of good chuckles. — ME TOO LOL

  • Onyou

    Abel Lui’s Appeal Denied

    HILO — Less than a week after Hawaii County evicted Abel Simeone Lui and a group living on county-owned property at Kawa Bay, the state Intermediate Court of Appeals on Tuesday denied Lui’s appeal of a June 2011 eviction order granted by the 3rd Circuit Court.

    “Upon careful review of the record and the briefs submitted by the parties and having given due consideration to the arguments advanced and the issues raised by the parties, as well as the relevant statutory and case law, we conclude Lui’s appeal is without merit,” the three-judge panel said in its order.
    “There are no genuine issues as to any material fact, and the county was entitled to judgment as a matter of law,” the order said.

    The ICA noted that Hawaii County had purchased the property from a landowner who had purchased it from a seller who had already successfully quieted the title through the court in 1988 and won an eviction order of its own in 2001.

    Hawaii County began purchasing the two parcels in 2008. Worth about $6 million, the 784 acres fronting one of the best surf spots in the county, and containing dozens of burials and archaeological sites, was purchased with a combination of federal funds and money from the open space land fund from county property taxes.

  • Onyou

    Lol! NA’ALEHU MANY NAMES, that you have! Laughing at you!


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