VIDEO: County explains sudden Kawa evictions

VIDEO: County explains sudden Kawa evictions
Big Island Video News

Abel evicted, by Geneveve Fyvie of Ka'u Calendar

Video by Tim Bryan

KAWA, Hawaii: On Thursday, news broke of the sudden eviction of long time Kawa resident Abel Simeona Lui and his supporters, as Hawaii County police and public works closed the popular beach and dismantled the structures Lui called home.

A county media release said that the evictions were a part of an archaeological survey being conducted of the large burial complex, numerous smaller burial sites, and hundreds of other cultural features at Kawa. Burial and historical sites are afforded protection under law.

The county purchased a portion of Kawa from the Edmund Olson Trust last year through the Public Access, Open Space and Natural Resources Preservation Fund. Lui has long argued that the lands are his by allodial right, saying his great-great-grandfather, Timoteo Keawe, received the land in a royal grant and that under kingdom law. Lui says the title held by the county is clouded and invalid. He has lived on the land for years, acting as konohiki and caretaker of the aina.

The situation grew contentious, and the county was granted the authority to evict Lui and his supporters by the courts.

On the day of the eviction, rumors that Lui had to be taken to the hospital were not accurate. Officials said he stopped at an ambulance parked with the fleet of county vehicles on the Highway by Kawa on Thursday. Then he left by himself in a vehicle, on his own volition. The sequence was captured by Geneveve Fyvie of the Ka’u Calendar and shared with Big Island Video News.

In this video interview conducted by Tim Bryan, Hawaii County Deputy Managing Director Wally Lau explains in greater detail the situation at Kawa.

Lau, who has taken an acive role in the stewardship plans for Kawa, said there was one arrest on Thursday, but no injuries.

Lau confirmed that the area will be closed for 30 days while the county conducts its survey. Access may be granted on a case by case basis.

The county also cut a quick access road – mostly dirt to fill the pukas – over the entrance that just hours earlier contained all sorts of Hawaiian sovereignty signs, flags and bulletin boards.

Meanwhile, through posts on his Facebook page, Lui reported that he was doing alright, staying at a friend’s house nearby. “Mahalo to everyone in support,” he wrote. “I am Here for the Duration!”


  • Mo Mi

    It is very much bs. The county as been spraying poison on the roadsides and leaving rat poison which is not only killing the rats but the pueo as well. Uncle Abe should be the caretaker for Kawa to keep an eye on the pilau lazy County workers who are told that spraying that crap is safe. There should be Hawaiians living on every beach to watch those liars. He is a Native Tenant and you (County of Hawaii) have no Treaty of Annexation. This is not for the betterment of the community. Good show while the PLDC meetings were going on around the island. The County manager has no managing skills whatsoever.

  • Hana

    Vote out 2 faced Kenoi. Gather at this event and formulate a plan to reinstate Uncle Abel. We will not stand for this shibai.

    The FREE HAWAII Movement

    Peaceful Community Action – Eve of General Election

    Nov. 5th 2012

    October 21st, 2012, Big Island of Hawaii……………

    On the eve of the upcoming 2012 elections, Kanaka Maoli, Big Island residents, Aloha centered organizations and tourists alike are invited to come down to the Kamehameha Statue in Hilo to learn about and support truth, justice and freedom. Sign Waiving and Speeches will be from 3-5 pm and are to coincide with the major political parties coming to support their candidates.

    This event is put on by a wide diversity of Hawaii Island groups and organizations, which have come together in unity to wave signs, make speeches, and play music for a more self reliant, sustainable and pono Hawaii. Everyone is invited to come down and reclaim a good future for Hawaii and our future generations. Please bring your own signs, and let’s show our candidates and elected officials that, on the day before elections, the People are paying attention and are demanding more transparency, integrity, and wisdom.

    This event is put on by organized members of the island of Hawaii’s community coming together in unity to show their opposition to the belligerent occupation of Hawaii. Information will be available about the upcoming Queen’s Jubilee on January 17th 2013, and what you can do to be involved in helping to unoccupy Hawaii.

    Other Key issues that will be addressed are:
    GMO/Monsanto Free Hawaii
    War and Military Occupation Free Hawaii
    Geothermal Energy Free Hawaii
    PLDC ACT 55 Free Hawaii
    UN Agenda 21 Free Hawaii

    Flood Kenoi’s office and let him know why he will be voted OUT!
    Office Of The Mayor
    Hilo: Hawai’i County Building
    25 Aupuni St., Hilo, Hawai’i 96720
    Tel: (808) 961-8211
    Fax: (808) 961-6553
    TDD: (808) 961-8521
    Kona: West Hawai’i Civic Center
    74-5044 Ane Keohokālole Hwy., Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i 96740
    Tel: (808) 323-4444
    Fax: (808) 323-4440
    TDD: (808) 327-6003
    Email: cohmayor@co.hawaii.hi.us
    Facebook: MayorKenoi
    Twitter: @MayorKenoi

  • Hana

    Here’s Wally Lau’s (Kenoi’s crony) number: 895-4845. Flood his phone daily too.

    There’s a petition, but since it’s tied to facebook, non fb users can’t sign. Can someone look into this?

    Here’s another petition:

  • Wendy Jones


    I created a petition entitled State and County Of Hawaii, The United States, The United Nations: Return Kawa to Abel Simeona lui as the rightful konohiki (steward)..

    I’m trying to collect 100 signatures, and I could really use your help.

    To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

    It’ll just take a minute!

    Once you’re done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!

    Mahalo, Wendy (FB Mummy Wummy)

  • Louanne

    Mummy jones and All here in this comment blog…..We go back and forth . Talking about who we are, what we are. Who to believe….. We live in different places and born in different places. On and On!!! I have forgotten through these days, how to be humble and not to bring myself down to anyones level, but im human… And how much my focus has led me to speak out. Im going to leave what is happening in KAWA,” IN THE LORDS HANDS!! ” And keep praying that the county is doing what is right ! My way … or your way .. It doesnt matter its “GODS WAY”

  • Jah love

    Oh jah, show these blind the light, for guilty ness will rest upon their conscious


    NO Louanne,
    it is quite entertaining watching ignorant people make assumptions, my mother said creativity breathes life but this is amazing….

  • Mummy Wummy

    Louanne….You see what happens now when you open doors you shouldn’t? YOU opened the unreasonable door. YOU opened the insult door. YOU opened the mud-slinging door….now you back away saying you sunk to everyone else’s level….that’s not taking full responsibiity for your words, instead, you tell us in a lofty way that you are now going to be humble…how does that work because you can’t act all superior while being humble unless you have some magic tricks up your sleeve.

    I really think you got over your head in silly argument and now are backing out as can’t stand the heat in the kitchen you helped create. Good, let this be a lesson and I’m sure God will be thinking of you when the cleansing tsunami comes and when Tutu Pele releases her wrath. It’s all about to happen, here, live, watch from your flat-screen window.

  • Real kawaa boys

    All these people saying uncle able is dirty and shits everywhere! What about ocean view? Everyone has been shitting in the lava? Where do you think that goes when it rains? Uncle able kept kawaa clean and safe! He only had problems with people shooting guns, burning out in trucks and tweekers doing ice! The things we don’t need at our beach! We surf kawaa everyday for the last twenty years and never once seen any of these shit head people talking shit about uncle able down there ever!! They must just sit in there cars and tweek cuz there not in the water or anywhere near it!!!!!

  • Hana

    “praying that the county is doing what is right ! My way … or your way .. It doesnt matter its “GODS WAY”

    Here’s news, the county is NOT god. Since when can we expect the county or politiciand to do what’s right??? Come now, we’re not gullible. The Lui’s and the Ondo’s need to resolve this in a Ho’oponopono way. Like divorces, if you allow the county/politicians/court/lawyers to dictate the outcome, everybody loses except for the lawyers.

    Removing Uncle Abel, a 70 y.o. effective caretaker/homesteader at Kawa’a, is a very baaaad thing to do, not pono at all. Demolishing their homes and plants is not pono. Anyone who advocate this show their true colors.

  • Real Facts…


    Who cares about oceanview? this blog is about Kawa… all of you that say hes a good person and does this and does that for the land and he cares for the iwi kupuna, did you ever ask yourself why the families were having problems with him being there? ill tell you, its because HE HAS BEEN DESTROYING ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES….. DOES ANYONE NOT GET THIS? those rock walls erected near the pond were once part of an already existing wall that was taken apart to create a new wall. the stone firepit you see next to his shack near the pond was once an archaeological site. if you look on the ground you can still see the ili ili, the rocks used to create the firepit shows groves and cuts indicating that it came from a structure. GET IT? with everyday that passed more structures were taken down to make way for his own little form of development, so in that does it not make him the big bad developer you all speak of? preservation was not priority when he decided to do those things. that little abandoned camp you see closest to ke’eku was also a site that was then taken apart to create what is now ABANDONED, with clothes lines, pots, and decaying rubbish left behind. if you walk through the bush past the “eco” friendly toilet left to rot, through his planting area towards the river you will find a large 3” PVC pipe thats capped at the endr. take a deep breathe in the area and you will undoubtedly notice that urine is being deposited into the soil there. So before you speak about you being there for 20 years and surfing maybe you should get off your board, open your eyes, and take a look around you on land cause the ocean isnt whats at stake here.

  • Hana

    Flood Abercrombie and Schatz’ phone too! Let these crooks know we’re watching!

    Neil Abercrombie- 808-586-0034
    Brian Schatz- (808) 586-0255

  • Hana

    Are the Lui and the Ondos related?

  • Louanne

    Louanne says:
    October 28, 2012 at 6:08 pm
    Mummy jones and All here in this comment blog…..We go back and forth . Talking about who we are, what we are. Who to believe….. We live in different places and born in different places. On and On!!! I have forgotten through these days, how to be humble and not to bring myself down to anyones level, but im human… And how much my focus has led me to speak out. Im going to leave what is happening in KAWA,” IN THE LORDS HANDS!! ” And keep praying that the county is doing what is right ! My way … or your way .. It doesnt matter its “GODS WAY”

  • Hana

    Simple question: Are the Luis and the Ondos related?

  • Powerless

    Whose dogging who?? Hana look comment .they not related.

  • Onyou

    @Hana – Looking thru the articles, it doesnt mention the Luis being present at any of the meetings with the lineal descendants.

  • Fake

    Ya who dogging who? Check his geneology no say ondo

  • Fake

    Maybe abel going try . Lol

  • Powerless

    Hana….Who dogging who? . In abel geneology no mention ondos.
    You think he might try link on a japanese family .. Watch out !! He going japan claim it!!!

  • Powerless

    No power in his gene’ology.. But he get followers to tend to his aide
    I like borrow mammy whammy ? She might bark up my tree! Give me a lesson on how i can get some free land so i can plant my tree zzzz

  • Powerless

    Wtf .. Fake ?

  • Fake

    Where my tough woman !! Mummy .. She called
    The people of KAU,, COCONUT!!!
    Dark on the outside and white in the inside!!!
    Check the other article!!
    She is very gutsy!!
    Mmm ..any comment ?????
    One tough cookie!!

  • Anakala


    Kaʻu Ohana/AKA AKA AKA/Real Facts/U got what i need/Powerless/Mummy Dearest/Louanne/Fake/Onyou/Here2Stay/Anonymous/Kawa Lives/Christian Omerod/Nani Ome/etc etc etc….

    You can continue to create new monikers every time you comment to make it seem like more than just a handful of related people are posting negative things about Abel, but you arent fooling anyone.

    Same IP addresses, same bullsh*t. So shame you guys!

  • Anakala

    to Louanne Kehaulani Ondo…i mean, Fake, to use your own words…

    When Mummy said “too many coconuts in Kaʻu” she most certainly did not mean ALL people in Kaʻu. I am pretty sure she was just referring to you and your ohana. Its called reading comprehension; keep up or shut up.

  • Onyou

    Lol! Really laughing hard @ you Anakala! Your so full of it! Hahahaha

  • Louanne

    I dont need to create any name but my own ,and this is it!
    I didnt see my name on the coconut subject . Take that up with wendy jones.
    So she needs to correct her !
    This must be bothering you to pick on those against you .
    But its ok!! Again…….ITS IN GODS HANDS!!

  • Fake

    Wow !! Lots of crappin sistas &
    Braddas Gezzzz

  • Kau

    @ real facts
    You have no idea what you are taking about!… You and the peolple supporting what you have to say are ignorant people that probably bver spent one night at kawaa!… You greedy , self absorbed people ! Shame one you!… You guys are plastic Hawaiians not uncle able!!!

  • Good Deed

    I see one lady , wendy jones/ mummy wummy.
    You are slithering all over with you fangs in commenting everyone on here.
    You are a trouble maker!! Calling kau people coconuts!
    Shame !! Pilau! You speak of knowledge like an encyclopedia.Not!!
    Stop being Niele and let the people speak there opinion.

    Pupule Pa’akiki wahine Jones!!!
    Dont call people from Kau Coconuts!!!

  • Real kawaa boys

    I’m so sorry that your minds are so corrupt!!!! It’s so sad! Poor you! First off uncle able being there for 30 something years has never disturbed any graves as much as the county did in 6 hours (a couple if days ago) with all their heavy machinery!!
    Second “who cares about ocean view” no offence to people of ocean view but shits are shits and there are thousands of shits every day going into the ground and on to the ocean!! If you were truly a concerned Hawaiian , ocean view, kawaa or anywhere in hawaii should be a concern to you!
    Third what about Holo Holo????!!!! Punaluu, honuapo are prime examples of what we don’t want it’s what we are scared of! Tour buses, parking lots, and gates!… Fuck that!!!! We are Hawaiians ! We love the land! We malama!!!! We will overcome all of your negativity!!!!!!!!!

  • Louanne

    Lets straightn this out….
    In the Real World. As we speak ,county has the land!! BUT
    “GOD OWNS THE LAND” there is so much going on in here
    As it continues out ,in Kawa. There is nothing anyone can do
    At this point.Unless you want to cross the line with the county.
    You want to go down , you need to get with the county.
    Abels follower,
    Continue your petition. Arguing and pointing fingers aint making
    Kawa stand still for either side. It is what it is for now.

  • Lakota Oyate

    Iglo Iyayapi , “Responsibility” The real King is here 1,000 plus Abel and his 5,000 followers here in the island and across the Earth! You better admit now Your Queen Nani is not a Queen but Money mad and yes God owns all the land and you are fearing Him. Good now you waking up Louanne, it is what it is for now till True HAWAIIANS TAKE IT BACK REMOVE ALL COUNTY UN SACRED MATERIAL CRAP , RESTORE THE ROAD AND HAVE KUPUNA OF KA’U PRAY FOR YOU ALL WHO ARE INVOLVED AND RESTORE ABEL AND KA’U PEOPLE BACK HOME! Pau you are done.

  • Louanne

    Mummy you shouldnt use Tutu Peles wrath to destroy Kau or Hawaii. Nor should you use the tsunami cleansing as to clean me . We have people living here, We dont need to be cursed by your words!! Be careful Again

  • Louanne

    Lokota, Yee Little faith. In God. You worship the wrong one..

  • Lakota Oyate

    You then worship which God? There is Only One Almighty Creator, we teach this to our young do you?

    It is been told from many moons ago how the White Man owns you, us and they even claim whole universe is theirs because they discovered it first?

    You have fallen to sleep yet awake and now confusing hearts and minds, you mock our Native connection to The Creator…you say my god your god?

    Who is your god? What do you call Him and What and who do you worship? You know nothing about Lakota Oyate, how dare you insult our same Creator in words as little faith, for we know always is His presence.

    I read and see you using Jesus or Zeus?

    The teachings you follow are of the Roman Pope Sun God, then on Sunday is your sabbath right? Saturday is the 7th day, We give Thanks for Creation everyday and always respect the Line of Israel to Obey His 7th day seal to His cincala “children”.

    Or are you in between Worlds expecting protection from spirit world ancestral graves and bones “iwi kupuna” but yet go to Sun God Sunday Sabbath and worship all white man’s delicacies and life styles and way of life?

    We Lakota people are from the 12 Tribes, Reuben. You Hawaiians are from a tribe too, from The 12 tribes of Judah, not sure about your kind. Hawaiians are. You are different. No Aloha. No Heart. No Woksape. “wisdom”.

    Our belief is Great Grandfather – “Wakan Tanka” / YHWH the God of Jacob / Akua / all the same One Creator.

    You need serious help , out of mans ability.

    Wise and high power victors of wrong doings and teachings, you walk your path, it’s destination is obvious to see and they support here on this blog is 80% for The Native you hurt and abused the sacred land and looks like only 20% or less supporting American laws and cruel development actions as you so called heirs of the land did.

    Sad day indeed.

  • Louanne

    Lokota, my god created universe then earth the rest follows.
    His son is Jesus who died the sins of the world.
    I dont need a paragraph to tell you who he is!!

  • Concerned Citizen

    I’m glad this is finally done. This whole bit of BS had gone on long enough. In my opinion these areas need to be managed by professional organizations who improve communities and preserve what is left of our cultural sites. 100 years from now if managed properly we will all be dead but the sites can continue to draw respect from new generations.

  • Louanne

    Listening to all this name calling such as doodoo, devil, satans,
    Calling out Pele, Iwi spirits, kau people coconuts, african american people oreos,etc..
    Words like shut up , flouride brainwashed … Tribe this and that ..sounds like a cult…
    Gosh so much to mention….

    I wouldnt want anyone down kawa that affilidates with these type of people!!
    This would be a unsafe !!! ;(….

  • Onyou

    Serious Mummy Swammy AKA Lakota Oyate! Do any of you know your real names??

    Like I said on my last post…

    “Do you think, Mother Earth, Tutu Pele or God would approve of the Hewa you wish upon innocent individuals? Your just as nuts as the one’s your in-line with!! So take your FAKE intuned with, disconnected with the universe tella tuby antenna’s elsewhere, and stayed tuned to Hawaii News Now for your next vision, as you seem to have enough personal issues to deal with like caring for your own burials!”

    Oh and by the way, don’t worry about my faith or mana, be more concerned about yours, as you are seriously lacking the so called “energy.”

  • Onyou

    Wow! Mummy Swammy AKA Lakota Oyate! Now you have me laughing!!

    To turn on your own and I quote “Queen Nani is not a Queen but Money mad as a queen,” buwahaha! truly has me laughing hysterically!! Talk about a fork tongue?!?

    You know the information about Abel Lui and his sister Nani applying for the grant for Kawa and then being denied, must’ve been earth shattering! DON’T LOSE IT NOW, as we need you to keep us entertained with your yada, yada, yada, yada, stupidty!!


  • Louanne

    Mummy, Your mouth has talk the talk.( pilau)
    I turn my back at you . Because your curseful words have failed you!!
    I dont think anyone in hawaii would want you to use Pele as your curse.
    Or kau people would want a horrible mouthy racist woman to call them coconuts!!
    Again i sure dont think the hawaiian people would want ” a person like you and any of your clan to
    Be in kawa preaching or calling out spirits of the “iwi” … WOW un cool..
    letting the Iwi rest. Dont disturb !!!
    So i give you an F for Failed!!

  • Wind Song

    Yes. wow we see whats going on , the comments tell it all.

    No good people.
    Sad day indeed.

    Louanne hello are you a lil kid? teen? lost?

    And it’s Yeshua not Jesus or Zeus. The dark age would explain that you do know your history claiming you are even pure enough to use God in anything you bultch out with greed and anger in sweet words and repeat avoiding real issues in all comments. King Atui sent a letter with over hundred kupuna support and choke Kanaka. You guys are done and peace and love will take over no matter what. sorry to wreck your wicked plans of development and money. You loose. Bye Bye never here 2 stay :)

  • Louanne

    Wind song…..
    I like that name its “fresh….
    Dont waste your time with me…
    The County owns the land…….
    And …..
    If the County and Hawaii/ Kau People are reading this
    Can now see what they are dealing with
    When it comes to Abel and those who was evicted..
    Sadly ,
    We the PEOPLE have to be indigenous (Lokota, mother earth etc)
    And listen or you will,,,,,,,
    1. Waking up the IWI to harm people.!
    2 Calling PEOPLE horrible names and racist.
    3.Using PELE to destroy!
    4.Tsunamis for cleansing!
    5. Dont upset Abel..or You will be cursed by
    Some of you who follows him..

    I surely can see KAWA as a Historical / Burial Site
    For the people To enjoy fishing / throwing nets /swimming /family
    Gathings and the surfers to surf …
    To teach the right Culture than a Misleading, Confused,
    Imbalances ways!!!!

  • Hana

    The county does NOT have the land. They take by force, as they always have. There’s nothing pono about that. Were you living on the land and caretaking it for 23+ years, growing food, L. Ondo? Walk the talk. Uncle Abel had. What happened to homesteading rights? You want to caretake now there’s $$$ involved. Why all this archeology survey at $500,000 when a survey had already been done decades ago?

  • Hana

    ” these areas need to be managed by professional organizations who improve communities and preserve ” This is not coming from a ‘concerned citizen’ at all, but rather from ignorance. Look at Honuapo as prime example 2 miles away. Look at the Board members, full of greedy power hungry developer minions pretending to be pono for grant money. These are the ‘pro organizations’ you’re promoting to concrete and pave natural land to put in parking lots and put up gates and guards to deny people full access.

  • Louanne

    Hana,i dont want kawa to be a resort or massive developement. You dont know what other people have experience including I in kawa …There are other hawaiian family who was keeping pono, Till abel and his ohana . Caused a pono situation to a ( as you say)greedy act … Now the family dont have to go through this anymore.
    So Hana i have been down there my family, grandmother my greatgrandfather etc..
    Thank you for your concern!!!

  • Onyou

    Your right Hana, your comments are not coming from a ‘concerned citizen, but rather an ignorant supporter. Tell me, how long have you had this problem with your reading and comprehension, cause evidently your not understanding what you read, must be the pit’s!

    Buwahahaha $$$$?!? the only one that went after it was Abel Lui and his sister Nani, Think they call it opportunist? It must’ve been really disappointing, when they were denied the funding for Kawa!

    Stay tuned for my next post. Don’t be shy if you need my help in explaining it…lol!

  • Napoleon


  • Hana

    When you’re “explaining it”, provide evidence. Heresay is not evidence.

  • Louanne

    Evidence ? Ask abel and haunani? Then do the search!
    You just might find what u need in the word …Evidence?
    Hope abel and haunani will be honest.. Just saying

  • Hana

    We’ve already talked with Abel, have witnessed him and his ohana doing a great job stewarding the land until now, when the county came in with bulldozers. Your turn. We’re actually unbiased. If you’ve got evidence (not court papers from fictitious entity called the U.S.) as you say you do, let’s see them.

  • Louanne

    Stewardship? Well ask abel and haunani why did they get denied $$$$..

    Anyone a few plants and veggies.in a small patch.. (Wow!!)
    Doesnt mean he took care of the land…. Did you walk the land? Did you see the mess behind the green house? Abandoned trucks etc… Then two more shacks.. Did you walk the surf spot and Look at the open bushes? Gosh abandoned shacks, lines for clothes pallets and a rubbish.. Hope the county removed those and put it in abels container!! Gosh , im glad i have pictures!!

  • Onyou

    Abel Lui’s Appeal Denied

    HILO — Less than a week after Hawaii County evicted Abel Simeone Lui and a group living on county-owned property at Kawa Bay, the state Intermediate Court of Appeals on Tuesday denied Lui’s appeal of a June 2011 eviction order granted by the 3rd Circuit Court.

    “Upon careful review of the record and the briefs submitted by the parties and having given due consideration to the arguments advanced and the issues raised by the parties, as well as the relevant statutory and case law, we conclude Lui’s appeal is without merit,” the three-judge panel said in its order.
    “There are no genuine issues as to any material fact, and the county was entitled to judgment as a matter of law,” the order said.

    The ICA noted that Hawaii County had purchased the property from a landowner who had purchased it from a seller who had already successfully quieted the title through the court in 1988 and won an eviction order of its own in 2001.

    Hawaii County began purchasing the two parcels in 2008. Worth about $6 million, the 784 acres fronting one of the best surf spots in the county, and containing dozens of burials and archaeological sites, was purchased with a combination of federal funds and money from the open space land fund from county property taxes.

  • Onyou

    EVIDENCE? Lol! For which one Hana, the 2001 or 2011 Eviction Order?? Serious…lol!

  • Hana

    “evidence (NOT court papers from fictitious entity called the U.S.)” Which part of FICTITIOUS entity call US gov’t do you not understand?

  • Louanne

    Hana, abel stated 20 yrs!!
    How long has his small patch of veggies and fruits been there?
    20 yrs? Try a few!! But the debris of mess hidden with overgrown plants!
    Thats his years of staying there!!!

  • PS

    Vote out Kenoi. Return Abel to his land in Kawa’a or see it gated, with “business hours” and fees. We’ve seen it all before.

  • Louanne

    There is two comment alike one since nov. 2 at 2:27pm.
    My first amendment are being violated.

  • Onyou

    Buwahahaha! Hana -> Your going down with the ship, quick jump! OMG, that’s right,,,your to coward to jump! Lol!!

  • Louanne

    Hana, abel stated 20 yrs in kawa!!
    How long has his small patch of veggies and fruits been there?
    20 yrs? Try a few!!
    But if you adventure in the places that abel doesnt show you.
    One place, Check by the sufers spot, you will find debris , hidden with overgrown plants!
    Why are there two sets of pipes running to his green house? The black pipe runs to his nephews then to the water shed near the spring.
    And the white pipes running to the other pond behind his green house..
    Could that be his waste? Is he dumping his waste there?

    Thats his years of staying there!!! Grossed!!

  • Hana

    Ludicrous to insinuate that we would be dumping waste into the pond that he swims in! Everything you say is suspect. We’ve seen the surfing area…food planted. Who paid for the porta potty there?

  • Louanne

    Ohh my did you not see the white pipe that ran to the other pond/stream
    Its hilea stream! Follow it ! His waste !!!
    Then follow the black pipe to the nephews, then to the water shed than down his other shack!!
    You havent gone there ha? Or have you been directed to only what he shows you!!
    And yes behind his green house had abandoned truck and debris plus 2 more shacks .
    Also if you took the time to check by the surf spot , you will see in the bushes more shacks ,broken down , rock wall moved , remember its a historical site with a villiage. Too! In those area near the surf spot pallets, clothes line still up. And other debris.. Like i said i hope the county stuck those in his container..
    And i know county will see and remove that white pipe,. Mm what will they find!!!!
    So insulting it is !! toilets that was once there by abels toilet /shack which had a toilet and if you look- mess/, feces on the bottom which was the aina sand.. Well thats knocked down cause county seen it. So abel has a county toilet. That wasnt there very long.. So hana you dont know!!! Do you!!!

  • Hana

    Abel pays for potta potty out of his own pocket, yet pipes waste to the same pond where he swims? Yeah….


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