HAWAII COUNTY: Four new Hawaii County Councilmembers were chosen on Tuesday night, the results of four run-off elections.

Valerie Poindexter defeated Chelsea Yagong by a wide margin, 54.4% to 38.2%, for the Hamakua council seat being vacated by Yagong’s father Dominic.

Illagan posts a mahalo to Facebook after winning the 4th district Puna seat

A new face will represent Puna’s 4th district: Greggor Illagan took out incumbent Fred Blas by over a thousand votes en route to his victory. Illagan will become the youngest councilmember in county history, according to reports.

Brenda Ford narrowly edged out Maile David to return to the council, now representing the new district 6. She had 3,214 votes to David’s 3,051.

And Margaret Wille gets passed Oliver Sonny Shimaoka to become the new district 9 councilwoman serving Kohala, 3,484 votes to Shimaoka’s 3,070.

Those four victors will join five others on the nine member council.

Hilo councilmember J Yoshimoto won in the primary, joining Hilo’s other representative, Dennis “Fresh” Onishi, who ran unopposed.

Also, three new comers were elected to the council before Tuesday night. Zendo Kern grabbed Puna’s second council seat in the primary. Kona’s Dru Kanuha won his district 7 seat – unopposed – in the primary as well, rounding out what will be a much younger council. Newcomer Karen Eoff also won her district 8 seat outright in the primary election.