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Hilo residents work to pull boats from the water before a predicted tsunami arrives on Saturday night.

VIDEO: Late tsunami sirens in East Hawaii questioned

VIDEO: Late tsunami sirens in East Hawaii questioned

Video by David Corrigan HILO, Hawaii: If you live on the east side of the Big Island and you think Saturday night’s tsunami sirens sounded a little late – in many cases after you were alerted to the tsunami warning from alternate sources – you are not alone. Reports of “late” tsunami sirens flooded the

The harbor's feral cats seem to know something is strange Saturday night

VIDEO: Tsunami brings strange tides to Wailoa Boat Harbor

Video by David Corrigan HILO, Hawaii: After Saturday night’s tsunami warning was downgraded to an advisory, we took our camera to Hilo’s dark Wailoa Small Boat Harbor , where we were told the most noticeable effects of the  tsunami were seen. The harbor was mostly empty. Only a few boats were still moored, as residents knew to evacuate

Residents run as tsunami threatens Hilo.

VIDEO: Hawaii tsunami warning downgraded, Big Island update

Video by David Corrigan (video uploading) HILO, Hawaii: The tsunami warning that was in effect for Hawaii was downgraded to a tsunami advisory shortly before 1 a.m. on Sunday. The warning was declared shortly after a 7.7 earthquake struck near the Queen Charlotte Islands off the coast of Canada at around 5 p.m. on Saturday. After monitoring

New white coats for Hilo's student pharmacists

VIDEO: 2012 UH-Hilo College of Pharmacy white coat ceremony

Video courtesy University of Hawaii | Voice of Stephanie Salazar HILO, Hawaii: It was a big moment this weekend for aspiring pharmacists on the island. The 89 students who make up the UH-Hilo College of Pharmacy Class of 2016 had their white coat ceremony on Sunday. A crowd of over 400 watched the student pharmacists


VIDEO: Last day at Ebesugawa Sisters’ flower shop

Video by David Corrigan | Voice of Stephanie Salazar HILO, Hawaii: After 80 years in business, the little flower shop on Furneaux Lane –  a Hilo town institution – is closing its doors. 90 year old Ann Ebesugawa Kaya, the last of six well-known sisters to operate the Ebesugawa Sisters flower shop, is about to

A packed meeting in Hilo for the DOE PEIS scoping

VIDEO: Hawaii residents speak up on island energy

Video By David Corrigan | Voice of Stephanie Salazar HILO, Hawaii: Hundreds packed the Hilo High School cafeteria on Friday night, in the hopes of weighing in on a federal study of Hawaii’s energy future. The scoping meeting was one of many held across the islands, and is the first step in the U.S. Department of Energy’s drafting


VIDEO: Unauthorized garden planted at Hilo Kamehameha statue on 9/11

Video by David Corrigan | Voice of Stephanie Salazar HILO, Hawaii: How do people on Hawaii Island memorialize September 11th? If you are Gene Tamashiro, you create an “unauthorized” People’s Organic Garden at the base of Hilo’s landmark Statue of Kamehameha the Great. This small group intended to plant these staples of island culture –


VIDEO: Queen Liliuokalani Festival held in Hilo

Video by David Corrigan, Voice of Stephanie Salazar HILO, Hawaii:  The birthday of Hawaii’s beloved queen was celebrated in Hilo on Saturday, here at the scenic bayside Queen Liliuokalani Gardens park, named in her honor. Program Coordinator Skylark Rosetti and Penny Vredenburg served as emcees for the annual “He Hali’a Aloha No Lili’uokalani” festival. As always, the


VIDEO: HELCO urged to re-negotiate power agreements

Video by David Corrigan, Voice of Stephanie Salazar HILO, Hawaii: Growing consumer dissatisfaction over energy rates on Hawaii Island – the highest in the nation – led to a headline grabbing resolution at the county council’s Agriculture, Water & Energy Sustainability Committee on Wednesday. Resolution 297-12, introduced by Hilo councilman and committee chair J Yoshimoto,


VIDEO: Hilo’s Kawika Crowley takes on Tulsi

Underdog GOP candidate for Congress gets support from MMA champ, BJ Penn HILO, Hawaii: Meet Hilo’s own Kawika Crowley, a Republican candidate for the 2nd Congressional House District, and a politician unlike any other. An underdog victory in the Primary has propelled Crowley to face off with Democrat Tulsi Gabbard in November. Its going to


VIDEO: Hawaiian Kingdom files protest at United Nations

Kanaka Council alaka’i says Public Land Development Corporation could be charged with war crimes HILO, Hawaii: During this recent public land corporation hearing at the Waiakea High School cafeteria in Hilo, Kale Gumapac, alaka’i of the Kanaka Council, revealed some interesting news in the ongoing Hawaiian sovereignty movement. Gumapac said the Ambassador-at-large and Agent for

Testifier tears apart the new Public Land Development Corp rules, literally

VIDEO: Hawaii’s new Public Land Development Corp rejected

Video by David Corrigan | Voice of Stephanie Salazar HILO, Hawaii: To the cheers of the crowd, Robert Petricci tore apart the new administrative rules for Hawaii’s Public Land Development Corporation. That pretty much sums up how everyone felt about the newly created agency. Testifiers expressed outrage on Monday night. One by one, residents lashed