Pahoa Lava Removal Starts Monday, Oct. 5

Lava covers Cemetery Road in Pahoa. Photo taken in June 2015.

PAHOA, Hawaii: The nearly year-long bifurcation of Cemetery Road in Pahoa from the 2014 lava flow will soon be over. The County of Hawaii recently awarded a contract to remove the hardened lava, which burned a path over the road next to the transfer station on October 25, 2014. The through way has been closed ever since.

VIDEO: Pahoa Roundabout Discussed At Public Meeting


x Video by David Corrigan, voice of Sherry Bracken. VIDEO STORY PAHOA, Hawaii – A public meeting was held at the Pahoa Community Center on Wednesday evening to update residents on a roundabout project scheduled to begin construction in early August. The $5 million project was postponed last year while the June 27 lava […]

VIDEO: Love Bomb For Pahoa Marks June 27th Lava Flow

Pahoa Love Bomb

On Saturday, artists and musicians marked the anniversary of the June 27th lava flow at the Pahoa Village Museum. Pahoa artist/activist Sara Steiner-Jackson was one of the organizers of the “Love Bomb For Pahoa”, which featured a retrospective of her artwork. Steiner-Jackson is working on a new painting to commemorate the lava flow that turned life upside down in the village. She still has mixed emotions about the whole experience.

VIDEO: Sen. Ruderman Disappointed By Legislative Lava Response


x PAHOA, Hawaii – Puna’s State Senator Russell Ruderman (D) met with the community on Wednesday evening in Pahoa. The Senator just wrapped up a busy legislative session and the meeting was a chance for Ruderman to give his report, which included sharing his disappointment in the legislatures’ level of help in a time […]

VIDEO: Clearing Rats and Slugs As Protection Against Rat Lungworm


PAHOA, Hawaii – During a Rat Lungworm Awareness Forum held last weekend at the Pahoa Community Center, presenters talked about protecting yourself from contracting angiostrongylus cantonensis by clearing out nearby critters. Rats and slugs are a part of the rat lungworm life cycle and getting rid of them will increase your chances of avoiding the […]

VIDEO: Latest Research On Rat Lungworm Disease

Dr. Susan Jarvi presents her research on RLW

PAHOA, Hawaii – At Sunday’s Rat Lungworm Awareness Forum held at the Pahoa Community Center, Dr. Susan Jarvi with the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy talked about the latest research being done to gain a better understanding of rat lungworm disease (RLW) – or angiostrongylus cantonensis. Jarvi’s top objectives are: Conduct studies to find […]