University plans to drill for water beneath Mauna Kea

Candidate for drilling Site II "Armor Road" from the draft EA

MAUNA KEA, Hawaii: The University of Hawaii plans to drill into the earth at two of three prospective locations within the Humu’ula Saddle region of Hawaii Island, in order conduct a detailed hydrologic assessment of the process occurring inside the Big Island. UH is preparing a Draft Environmental Assessment for the study, which has been […]

VIDEO: NASA finishes Big Island lunar experiments

NASA rovers on display at Imiloa in Hilo

Week of science ends with public display at Imiloa Astronomy Center in Hilo Video by David Corrigan, Voice of Stephanie Salazar HILO, Hawaii: This Saturday, visitors to ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center in Hilo were able to get up close to the machines that will pave the way for humans to colonize outer space…. some of NASA’s futuristic […]

What will it take to grow another ice cap on Mauna Kea?

Mauna Kea summit, by BIVN

MAUNA KEA, Hawaii: This week’s USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Volcano Watch article takes a look at Mauna Kea’s glacial history, through the geological lens. In the past half-million years, Mauna Kea has supported an ice cap at least four times. These glaciations occur when the climate is cold and wet, when more snow falls each […]

Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative update

Wiliwili in the dry forest

WAIKOLOA, Hawaii: Here’s an update on the Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative, the 275 acres of fenced lowland dry forest just outside of the Village. Those spearheading the effort report that the Waikoloa Village Association recently voted to extend the lease of the land to the Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative. The measure was passed with 690 […]