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VIDEO: Ceremony at Shinmachi Tsunami Memorial

VIDEO: Ceremony at Shinmachi Tsunami Memorial

HILO, Hawaii – Earlier in the day on Tuesday, under a rainy Hilo sky, a remembrance and reflection was held at the Site of Shinmachi by the Wailoa Art Center. The date of April 1st marked the 68th anniversary of the major tsunami that hit Hawaii in 1946, causing widespread damage in Hilo, killing 159

Energy map courtesy the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's / National Weather Service "National Tsunami Warning Center"

Tsunami threat to Hawaii being evaluated after 8.2 quake off Chile

UPDATE: Tsunami Advisory posted for Hawaii HONOLULU, Hawaii – The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has issued an expanding regional tsunami warning and watch for parts of the Pacific located closer to the magnitude 8.0 earthquake off the coast of Northern Chile. UPDATE – The USGS now measures the earthquake at a magnitude 8.2. The Center

Hilo tsunami workshop set for Tuesday, May 21

by Alice Moon In partnership with the Pacific Tsunami Museum, the Hilo Downtown Improvement Association (DIA) and the Hilo Improvement Program (HIP) are offering a Tsunami Preparedness Workshop for businesses, community and families on Tuesday, May 21, from 5-7pm at the Pacific Tsunami Museum (130 Kamehameha Avenue). Featured speakers will include Dr. Gerard Fryer of

Hilo residents work to pull boats from the water before a predicted tsunami arrives on Saturday night.

VIDEO: Late tsunami sirens in East Hawaii questioned

Video by David Corrigan HILO, Hawaii: If you live on the east side of the Big Island and you think Saturday night’s tsunami sirens sounded a little late – in many cases after you were alerted to the tsunami warning from alternate sources – you are not alone. Reports of “late” tsunami sirens flooded the

The harbor's feral cats seem to know something is strange Saturday night

VIDEO: Tsunami brings strange tides to Wailoa Boat Harbor

Video by David Corrigan HILO, Hawaii: After Saturday night’s tsunami warning was downgraded to an advisory, we took our camera to Hilo’s dark Wailoa Small Boat Harbor , where we were told the most noticeable effects of the  tsunami were seen. The harbor was mostly empty. Only a few boats were still moored, as residents knew to evacuate

Residents run as tsunami threatens Hilo.

VIDEO: Hawaii tsunami warning downgraded, Big Island update

Video by David Corrigan (video uploading) HILO, Hawaii: The tsunami warning that was in effect for Hawaii was downgraded to a tsunami advisory shortly before 1 a.m. on Sunday. The warning was declared shortly after a 7.7 earthquake struck near the Queen Charlotte Islands off the coast of Canada at around 5 p.m. on Saturday. After monitoring