“Whopping” number of earthquakes shake around Hawaii volcano


HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK, Hawaii: A large number of earthquakes has been rattling the Volcano area on Hawaii Island over the last few days. The quakes have been small, with no damage reported. Still, a handful of those temblors have been 3.0 magnitude and over. The USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory’s “Recent Earthquakes in Hawaii” page […]

VOLCANO WATCH: Is Kilauea conjuring “plans” for summer?


  The pool is filled—so is it time to light the barbecue? As the Memorial Day weekend arrives, many Hawai`i residents will head for the beach. Others might use the long break to visit family and friends or go for a reflective hike in the mountains. And finally, some may decide to just set up […]

VIDEO: Kilauea volcano’s spattering lava lake continues


HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK, Hawaii: The active lava lake in the Halemaumau crater vent at the summit of Hawaii Island’s Kilauea volcano continues to spatter and spew sulfur dioxide, as a recent video by USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory scientists shows. From the HVO website: This Quicktime movie shows spattering that is typical at the margins of […]

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park earns air monitoring award


HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK, Hawaii: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has earned the national Safety and Health Group Award from the National Park Service. Park officials say the award was earned for the park’s work in monitoring air quality within the park, and communicating the information to the public and employees. From the National Park Service: […]