Voter fraud being investigated on Hawaii Island





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HAWAII ISLAND: Police have opened an investigation into an allegation of Voter Fraud on Hawaii Island.

Law enforcement officials say the investigation was launched based on information provided by the Hawaii County Office of Elections involving elections that were conducted in 2010.

Police say that Voter Fraud is a class C felony.

The investigation is being handled by Detectives of the Area I Criminal Investigation Section, but aside from that, no other details were released.

The Office of the County Clerk also sent out a media release, only to say that since this is an active investigation, they will not provide comment.

Amidst all the various controversies and confusion going on in the elections division this year, the clerk and the head of the legislative branch of county government, Dominic Yagong, have often hinted that they have uncovered inconsistencies in past paperwork, specifically for the 2010 election. However, it is not known if this fraud investigation is related to Yagong’s prior statements, or perhaps is an entirely new situation that has since developed.




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