RAW VIDEO: Lava slowly advances towards Kalapana homes

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RAW VIDEO: Lava slowly advances towards Kalapana homes
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July 21, 2010 – Kalapana, Hawaii

Video by David Corrigan

Madam Pele’s slow march towards the sea continued on Thursday night, drawing thousands of onlookers to the Kalapana viewing area.

Janguard Hawaii security personnel, in charge of managing the area, estimated over 2,000 visitors stopped by on Thursday night. The slow moving lava flow stalled since it charged down the pali along the eastern edge of the flow field, covering parts of Highway 130/137 earlier in the week. Good views of the activity were still visible from the viewing area, and distant burning vegetation lit up the night sky.

The flow threatens two structures in the area, but civil defense officials said that they were not expected to be overrun by the lava on Thursday night.

When the public viewing area closed at 10 pm, security personnel relocated the barriers to compensate for the advancing lava.



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