VIDEO: Hawaii rallies behind Occupy Wall Street

VIDEO: Hawaii rallies behind Occupy Wall Street
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Video by David Corrigan, Baron Sekiya of Hawaii247.com | Voice of Stephanie Salazar

HILO & KONA, Hawaii: Over 4,800 miles from New York City on the Big Island of Hawaii, residents inspired to demonstrate in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement lined roads on either side of the moku.

In the rainy windward city of Hilo, about 80 to 100 folks set up outside the Kilauea Financial Plaza, fronting Merrill Lynch.

Meanwhile, a two hour drive away on the west side of the island, residents of Kona amassed to sign wave in solidarity.

The Wall Street “occupation”, seemingly inspired by the Arab Spring movement, has been ongoing in New York City’s famous global business district. The participants are protesting against social and economic inequality, declaring themselves to be a part of the country’s 99%, a powerless majority when compared to the influence of the wealthiest 1%.

Hawaii is known for its population of rugged individualists and transplants looking to keep a good distance from busy metropolitan culture. Therefore, its not a surprise that an outspoken island bunch would show support in this fashion. What is a bit more surprising were the numbers… with little notice, the events drew crowds at both locations. A sign, perhaps, that this cause has struck an immediate nerve amongst an American population that is as far removed, physically, from Wall Street as possible.

One of the participants in the Hilo demonstration, Jim Albertini, sent out this email a few hours after the event:

Today’s protest in Hilo was truly amazing. I expected perhaps a dozen people would show up from 4-6 PM fronting Merrill Lynch. Instead 80-100 showed up, over half –youth. It says to me that the bleak future brought on by Wall St. greed is the Vietnam draft for today’s generation. I see reason for hope in the growing resistance of today’s youth. It is transforming a generation into activists for justice and peace.

It was a very uplifting day. The spirit was strong from those participating in the protest and those passing by. People made their own signs and came to stand in solidarity with people occupying Wall St. and people around the world saying no to corporate dominance and corporate greed and influence in government. Where the Hilo and other protests will lead is unclear, but the momentum and a movement is building. Let us seek to work together and support one another.


  • Michael Sofranko

    There should be only 2 parties regardless of Democratic/Republican affiliation. Those that accept the corporate $cumbag dollars to buy their candidacy and those that don’t. Only those that don’t can get the vote of the people. If the Politicians get that message, maybe perhaps a few will think twice about aligning themselves with the criminals.

  • uncle raster

    When we take back issuance of our own greenbacks we can pull the plug on the machine devouring our future and begin a new currency of real values. End the Fed. Restore Hawaii nation to the archipelago and boot out the usurpers, the fascist muscle that stole the archipelago for a military base.

  • Lorenzo

    First to go must be the Supreme Court decision that removed restraints from the lobbying by big business. Those justices that supported this decision need to be investigated, and possibly removed as well. Term limits should be set for these all-powerful individuals, who are out of reach of the people. Next, limit campaign contributions to $100 per person, no B.S. Require media to cover legitimate candidates for free, as a part of being in that business, and take the dollars out of elections. Eliminate millions of dollars roaming the halls, buying up what is supposed to be our representation.
    Then we have to remove, and if necessary, prosecute those corporate individuals that have gained public office and used it to their advantage, like Chaney and Haliburton. Or most recent, the appointment of an ex-Monsanto executive to the agricultural department. Come on!!
    There is indeed a lot to fix, and don’t even get me started on the foreign occupations the U.S. is fore-fronting.

  • uncle raster

    How about doing away with corporate personhood, private central banking, usury, fractional reserve profiteering backed by nothing except the taxpayer, the foreign influence of Israhell, political assassinations of sovereign leaders like JFK, armed robbery of the Hawaiian queen, state intel falseflags like 9/11 and 7/7, phony moon landings, the left/right paradigm (it’s really us vs the disconnected top of the pyramid), and satan worshipping secret societies and their psychological warfare….?
    People are shocked to find out the American Dream was just that…..


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