SOURCE: Daniel R. Sayre Foundation media release

Fifteenth Annual Daniel R. Sayre Memorial Foundation Event Goes Virtual

The Daniel R. Sayre Foundation is taking its fundraiser online. This year, instead of its gala dinner and silent auction, the community is asked to support the Hawaii County Fire Department by visiting the foundation’s website and bidding on a variety of items.

The online auction will be held on Saturday, September 8, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time at

In addition to the auction, supporters can go online and pledge financial support for the purchase of equipment and training items needed by the island’s fire and rescue personnel.

Due to professional commitments, Dr. Frank Sayre and Laura Mallery-Sayre, the founders of the Foundation, decided to hold a letter donation campaign and a virtual auction via the web site this year instead of a fundraising dinner. The couple plan to resume the awards dinners and auctions August 31st, 2013.