VIDEO: Unauthorized garden planted at Hilo Kamehameha statue on 9/11

VIDEO: Unauthorized garden planted at Hilo Kamehameha statue on 9/11
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Video by David Corrigan | Voice of Stephanie Salazar

Planting crops beneath Kamehameha Statue in Hilo

HILO, Hawaii: How do people on Hawaii Island memorialize September 11th?

If you are Gene Tamashiro, you create an “unauthorized” People’s Organic Garden at the base of Hilo’s landmark Statue of Kamehameha the Great.

This small group intended to plant these staples of island culture – like kalo and sweet potato – as a show of civil resistance to what they see as the massive government corruption in the United States and around the globe.

Tamashiro has led Aloha Uprisings on the anniversary of 9/11 before. In 2010, the site was the Hilo Lanes parking lot… and the message was similar to today’s.

However, there is much more going on in Hawaii that troubles Tamashiro these days. During a video interview, he spoke out against the National Defense Authorization Act, Hawaii’s newly created Public Land Development Corporation, even genetically modifed food and Monsanto in Hawaii.

And above all, Tamashiro is railing against what he sees as the illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the United States.

Which led to an idea by Tamashiro and his friend Robert Park.

And so on Tuesday, Aloha Uprising set up camp under King Kamehameha… as supporters dug up the earth around the statue in order to plant kalo and other organic crops.

Tamashiro says he did not have a permit to do this.

Tamashiro says he notified all the authorites about the act days before. He was told that although the park falls under the state, the statue and its platform were deeded to the Bishop Estate.

Tamashiro says the police did stop by at the start of the unauthorized planting… but no one was arrested.


  • Bob

    Very disrespectful of the Ali’i! I cannot support this act, even though I support the group!

  • http://johnksmith@usa.com Paka

    These ‘Aloha Uprising’ guys are 9-11 conspiracy kooks. Too much pakalolo for too many years. Nothing left between the ears.

  • tmoro

    crack tweakers

  • Williama

    This group would be more effective if they grew food for places like the Senior Citizens housing, Lower-income areas, or community supported agriculture. Why cause uneeded grief and unlawful acts?

  • http://aloha-uprising.org Gene Tamashiro

    Humanity has been pushed around for the whim and greed of the “controllers” for thousands of years. As we speak, the world is being set up for WWIII, Monsanto/GMO dominates our agriculture and food systems, the Federal Reserve continues to print our trillions of $ debt out of thin air, and the de-facto government can arrest/kill you without trial or charge for being connected to the some terror group that the CIA created. Many of us have tried for years to rid our government of corruption through the “due process”system that is supposed to be protected by the US Constitution, yet the voice of the people remains buried under the propaganda machine mass media.

    This is more than a geo-political conflict, when presented with the truth, (and everyone must do their own research), one begins to realize that in the end, this a battle for your soul…

  • Josephine Keliipio

    Oh come on you folks and stop your sulking for crying out loud. What is so wrong with planting kalo and t leaf at the base of the Alii’s statue? . Better to plant food than grass on public property. In fact, that is exactly what belongs there and I know my ancestors from the food producing maka’ainana class would appreciate what they have done. Imua!

  • jaz yglesias


  • Kalani

    Planting food is disrespectful??? This is what everybody should be doing on our own lands and on public lands so that those who don’t have land would be fed. Right on Gene!

  • Kalani

    BTW, I’m Hawaiian, but it doesn’t take a Hawaiian to know that planting food anywhere is absolutely pono. Most of our human rights and liberties have been taken away and you people are condemning the growing of food on an island that’s 90% reliant on outside sources of GMO junk. Sad to say that the chemicals, flouride, and vaccinations do work very well in the dumbing down of our society.

  • Dawn Lee

    The bigger picture people!
    The people’s garden is about feeding ourselves!
    Why are we using this space to attack the people who are doing something positive rather than talk about the issue here? Talk about the issue. And/or join them down there and find out its not as much civil disobedience as it is personal freedom. The food looks great at the statues feet.

  • Robert Park

    The real issue is food security. Sustainability is our answer. That’s the message not the planting at the statue. The planting at the statue is action. It’s not just about being Hawaiian, it’s not about race or nationality. It’s about concerned citizens, freedom fighters and others who believe this is the time to plant food freely. I feel that my ancestors would be pleased with our statement and our progress. People opposed to this, my question for you- “what are you doing to better the quality of life here in Hawaii?”

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