HONOLULU, Hawaii: The Hawaii State Senate acted quickly to organize after the November 6 general election, once again electing Maui State Senator Shan S. Tsutsui (Sen. District 5) as the President.

Senator Donna Mercado Kim (Sen. District 14) returns as Senate Vice President and Chair of the Senate Committee on Tourism and Government Operations and Special Committee on Accountability.

Senator David Ige (Sen. District 16) will continue as Chair of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means, with Senator Michelle Kidani (Sen. District 18) serving as his Vice Chair.

The quick establishment of leadership was done “with a primary goal of promoting an environment of cooperation and shared leadership and authority”, according to this State Senate media release:

While much of leadership and committee chairmanships remained unchanged from the 26th Legislature, additional standing committees were established to provide greater scrutiny over important subject matter areas, as well as to provide a greater number of Senators the experience and authority to preside as committee chairs and vice chairs.

Here is complete listing of Senate Leadership and Committee Chairmanships:

President: Shan S. Tsutsui

Vice President: Donna Mercado Kim

Majority Leader: Brickwood Galuteria

Ways and Means, Chair: David Ige

Ways and Means, Vice Chair: Michelle Kidani

Majority Floor Leader: Will Espero

Majority Caucus Leader: Ron Kouchi

Majority Policy Leader: Les Ihara, Jr.

Majority Whip: Gil Kahele

Majority Whip: Jill Tokuda

Judiciary and Labor, Chair: Clayton Hee

Commerce and Consumer Protection, Chair: Roz Baker

Agriculture, Chair: Clarence Nishihara

Arts and Technology, Chair: Glenn Wakai

Economic Development and Housing, Chair: Donovan Dela Cruz

Energy and Environment, Chair: Mike Gabbard

Education, Chair: Jill Tokuda

Hawaiian Affairs, Chair: Brickwood Galuteria

Health, Chair: Josh Green, M.D.

Higher Education, Chair: Brian Taniguchi

Human Services, Chair: Suzanne Chun Oakland

Public Safety and Military Affairs, Chair: Will Espero

Special Committee on Accountability, Chair: Donna Mercado Kim

Tourism and Government Operations, Chair: Donna Mercado Kim

Transportation & International Affairs, Chair: J. Kalani English

Water and Land, Chair: Malama Solomon
27th Hawaii State Legislature will convene on January 16, 2013.