RAW VIDEO: Kona tsunami – House washes away, floats in bay

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RAW VIDEO: Kona tsunami – House washes away, floats in bay
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Video courtesy Lynn Beittel, Matt Binder of Visionary Video

The tsunami that washed over Hawaii’s shoreline did the worst damage on the western, Kona side of the Big Island early Friday morning.

Kailua Village was hit hard, but it was the remote areas of South Kona that sustained the most severe wallop.

The image of a home floating in Kealakekua Bay became a national curiosity, and has become an immediate icon representing the extreme wave damage that the Napoopoo area sustained on Friday.

The two-story home is said to have been a vacation rental on Manini Beach, during its days on land.

What follows in this raw video provided by Lynn Beittel and Matt Binder are images that show the aftermath of the frightening strength of the ocean surge. Hawaii County confirms that seven homes suffered extensive damage on Manini Beach Road near Kealakekua Bay. Power lines also were downed in the area.

The footage also shows a number of vehicles in the area that were damaged.


  • http://damontucker.com Damon

    We really lucked out that we didn’t get hit harder then we did.

    I’ve been seeing pictures of this house all day and I’m curious if it slid into the bay from the earthquake or if it was washed into the bay by the surge?

    Either way… I feel sorry for the owners.

  • Galane

    It’s a houseboat now. 😉 I haven’t been seeing much on TV news about anything but the damage in Japan.

    ‘Course I’m in Idaho, on the higher bank of the Snake River along the border with Oregon. If my place ever gets in danger of being flooded, the eastern half of Oregon would be under water.

  • Mark

    Probably slid in from the surge. That house has been there since the 80’s and has stood many other earthquakes that were stronger. This is the first tsunami that has hit Kona since it was built.

  • mary ann good

    this is very tragic for this area, in conparison to Japan does not seem so bad but if this were your home it would be horrible never the less

  • Susanne Washburn

    I just spent 3 weeks in this area and remember the last day, snorkeling in this bay, so beautiful. I wonder what will happen to the marine life, the those beautiful fish and the turtles?

  • R. Twombly

    The earthquake was a long ways away. The house and severl nearby were hit by a large tsunami wave. I stayed at the house for a week 3 years ago. It was beautiful and a very special place. The website to see it is http://www.kealakekuahale.com.

  • Alfredo

    It was from the surge. We felt very little from the earthquake on this side of the island. The earthquake that caused the tsunami was over in Japan. The earthquake we had here was on the other side of the island and small enough that I didn’t feel a thing (all I can speak for is myself on that one).

  • Kelly Edwards

    This is our house and it was lifted up and sucked out to sea, so we are told. We are very sad but are thankful everyone in the village is safe.

  • nathan

    well i guess that beach front property deal isnt as swet as they thought it was gonna be,,,come on honey lets build a place on the water in kona where we can fish in our living room,,,!

  • Genene

    My heart goes out to everyone! I am so thankful everyone is safe down at the bay,the warnings were
    a little off I hear. Kelly Edwards, sorry to hear about your vacation home. Will you be addressing the
    environmental impact that is now in floating Kealakekua Bay? best of luck to you and DLNR

  • Anonymous

    so sorry for people in Hawaii lived onBig Island for 1 and 1/2 yrs lived in Captain Cook and then in north Kohala,loved it so much she calls me back everyday.People in Hawaii have the best spirits they will pull together and help each other.Blessings always sweet momma Hawaii.

  • Jimi

    The house on that lot was washed away in the 1960 tsunami, also.

  • Dee

    Kelly Edwards, I am sorry about the loss of your vacation home and the loss of the other homes due to the tsunami damage. I love the islands and am heartbroken when anything hurts its people and/or beautiful land.

  • http://google DON LAGRAND


  • Paul

    “Will you be addressing the
    environmental impact that is now in floating Kealakekua Bay?”

    Could You be any More Heartless?

  • Genene

    Your absolutely right, my apologies. I do wish the best for everyone,
    I have seen many hurricanes where it takes years to rebuild, I just hope it will be a fast
    Recovery for kona. God bless

  • Genene

    I came accross a youtube clip of Kealakekua Bay this morning. Its posted by The Lotusway. Its a post of a woman by HER self on a paddle board cleaning up the debri in the bay thats left from the tsunami. She is seeking help from others to join her. Anyone that has a boat or kayak would be deeply appreciated. I live in Florida but if I were there I would help her in any way I could. Mahalo Lotus! your heart is full of Aloha

  • Fernando

    Thank god it wasn’t any worst than Japan! I have been going to HI for the pass 30 years as a Pastry Chef working at the local markets and it feels like its my second home. So thankful the Tsunami didn’t hit harder that it could have… God Bless Hawaii

  • Carrie

    Kelly, my family and I stayed in your beautiful home in 2007, and we are so sorry to hear of your loss, in many ways. We have precious memories there as I know you do with your family. Thank you for allowing us to share in your blessings and make fond memories as well. I hope things turn around soon for you and your daughters .

  • http://VideoNews.com Peggy Shoffstall

    We also stayed in this house in 2007. This house set the bar high for all others we have rented. This was our very first Island visit and we brought the whole family, my very first snorkeling experience, I was lucky enough to start at the very best location. We have so many wonderful memories from that house, so I can only imagine how painful losing it must be. Gordon befriended us and took us all out on his glass bottom boat. We are so sorry he lost his home as well and his battle with cancer! We will be returning to Kona. In Aug this year and will for sure pay a visit to the bay. We also now know why we haven’t been able to find this house on frbo. We will be bringing our first grandchild this year to introduce her to this island paradise!!!! Blessings to you all !!!!


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