VIDEO: Behind the scenes with mayor candidates on election night

VIDEO: Behind the scenes with mayor candidates on election night
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This video is part of an Election Wrap Special by Big Island Video News, and incorporates digital materials gathered by Hawaii24/7 and Tim Bryan

KONA and HILO, Hawaii: On Saturday night, Hawaii247.com was with Mayor Billy Kenoi in Kona for the first print out; the initial glimpse of what the primary election results might look like for the Hawaii County mayoral race.

It came down later than in past elections. Kenoi was huddled by the computer when the first numbers were released.

At the same time across the Big Island in Hilo, at this election night party for candidate Harry Kim, the former mayor got his first look at those same numbers. Kim was trailing Kenoi, but closely.

It took a while for Kenoi to make his way back to East Hawaii, where this big party awaited him at his Hilo headquarters.

He arrived after the second print-out, which revealed the trend would likely continue. He maintained a good lead, but now faces a run-off election with Harry Kim in November.

Candidate Dominic Yagong, with 19% of the vote, is now out of the running.

The final numbers:


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