Musician, lava lover Bo Lozoff killed in Puna crash

Musician, lava lover Bo Lozoff killed in Puna crash
Big Island Video News

Bo Lozoff

By David Corrigan

PAHOA, Hawaii: Bo Lozoff – a well known musician, author, spiritual leader, and “lavatic” – died in a Thursday evening crash on Puna’s dangerous highway 130.

Police say Lozoff died from injuries he sustained in a motor vehicle vs. motorcycle crash at the intersection of Route 130 and Leilani Avenue.

Although police did not initially release Lozoff’s name in connection with the fatal accident, friends and fans of Lozoff were spreading the sad news over the internet on Friday morning.

Police described the incident in a media release:

Responding to a 3:34 p.m. call, Puna patrol and Traffic Enforcement Unit officers determined that the 65-year-old man was operating a 2003 Suzuki motorcycle and traveling north on Route 130 when a 1999 Lexus multi-purpose vehicle being operated by a 66-year-old Pāhoa man failed to yield the right of way and made a left turn onto Leilani Avenue.

The motorcycle operator was not wearing a helmet and was dead at the scene.

The driver of the Lexus was not injured. His wife, a 64-year-old woman, went to the Hilo Medical Center by private vehicle and was treated and released with minor injuries.

The news came as a shock to the people on Hawaii Island. Many had just seen Lozoff at a CD release party in Hilo for his new album, Bo Goes Country, of which he was very proud. “This is my first new CD in six years,” he wrote to those on his mailing list, “and my collaborators include world-class musicians and backup singers all the way from the Big Island of Hawai’i to Muscle Shoals, Alabama and Durham, North Carolina. I am very excited about the toe-tapping, heartfelt country music and awesome instrumental breaks we accomplished together. As one of my songs puts it, from the beauty in the skies to the pain that’s in your eyes, that’s what it takes to make a country song. And we made fourteen really good ones for ya, plus the six-minute bonus track, Johnny & Me, the true story of how I grew up singing along with Johnny Cash.”

In an article written for the Examiner website, Leilehua Yuen was one of the first to memorialize Lozoff, reflecting on his extraordinary life. In the article, Yuen reflects on Lozoff’s co-founding of the Prison-Ashram Project in 1973, and later the Human Kindness Foundation in 1987.

Yuen also wrote:

Lozoff received praise from the Dalai Lama, who wrote the forwards for two of his books, and from the late children’s TV host, Mr. Rogers, who listed Lozoff among his heroes. But, his tenure at the Human Kindness Foundation also faced discredit when he was accused of improprieties and abusive behavior.

An innovative thinker, he sought ways to re-integrate former prisoners into society, and founded the environmental non-profit, Carolina Biodiesel, to both promote biodiesel and to create jobs for former prisoners. Carolina Biodiesel received a large bequest from Fred Rogers. Carolina Biodiesel is still operating in Durham.

It was because of his attraction to Tutu Pele that Big Island Video News crossed Lozoff’s path in 2010. Living in Kalapana Gardens, situated closely to the island’s active lava flows, Lozoff drew inspiration from the volcanic geology and culture.

[FMP poster=”” width=”320″ height=”175″][/FMP]

He led popular hikes to see the lava flows, and kept the public up to date with timely videos from the flow field. In this October 2010 special report (right), Lozoff took center stage, guiding our camera through a particularly tumultuous time at Kalapana Gardens, when a lava flow threatened to burn down his neighborhood. Lozoff handled the stressful situation with a smile and his trademark creativity.

One of the last experiences Lozoff had with his molten muse was a shortlived lava ocean entry, just a few days ago. Such an event is highly anticipated amongst “lavatics” like Lozoff. He shared the moment in a video on his YouTube channel (right).

This was the 37th traffic fatality on the Big Island this year compared with 19 at this time last year, police report.


  • Logan

    Isn’t this the guy who had the illegal squat house in the Kalapana lava flow and was doing illegal tours out there? Buddy-buddy with mayor’s family next door who all “forgot” the evictions we all got in 1992, preventing anyone from ever returning to “Kalapana Vacation Lots” and locking everyone out except of course the Mayor’s friends, mother, and this guy? (Thanks for the music at Pahoa though!)

  • Ben

    My friend Becky had a son by this man. My prayers go out for Wyatt!

  • Lauren McGlynn


    Rot in the hell you came from. Bo doesn’t approve of this message.

  • Mick Kalber

    Bo, we will miss you so very much. You were a wonderful friend and inspiration to us all! God bless you!

  • michael stephans

    i suppose it’s easy to denigrate the memory of a person who has passed from this life; the dead can’t defend themselves.

    as Bo’s cousin, friend, and musical collaborator, i feel sorry for anyone who brings toxic comments to the table at such as sad time. it’s a low and hateful thing to do, and lacks heart and compassion…nice…

    tomorrow morning when the sun rises, negative people have to wake up and look in the mirror… and that’s something, thankfully, the rest of us don’t have to live with…

  • Martin Haysmith

    Still condemning people to hell for stating the truth eh Lauren, what a nasty piece of work you are… your hatred has no place on this list

  • Katherine

    Your Hilo Coffee Mill family will miss you more than you’ll ever know. The music and connection you brought with you every time you came to the mill was extraordinary. You have left a huge hole in our hearts, but we know you’re doing fine and are at peace. A hui hou friend.

  • Lauri Strain

    Although I never met him in person, my heart goes out to all who knew him and loved him.

  • Becky

    Bo was NOT “squatting” on this property. He owned his lot,Logan.

    This is a very sad and tragic death and I ask that you all keep his 4 year old on in your prayers.

    (Thank you,Ben)

  • Scott Miller

    I’ll miss you Bo, none of us are perfect, but you were a good man

  • Justin

    Becky, thank you for your wise comment.

  • Ron Lozoff

    Logan, Your’e a moron.
    Read the comments and realize you have no idea of the great man that just tragiclly died. Why don;’t you use this as a lession to “think’ before you exercise your need to express every thought.

    No matter how old you are, you could spend everyday of the rest of your life tryng to help people and the liklihood is that you wouldn’t get close to the positive impact my brother Bo had on tens of thousands of people.

    At least you won’t have to face him when you transition, he’s in heaven.

    Ron Lozoff, his proud bother

  • Anita Sherwood

    As a resident of Pahoa and neighbor of Bo in Kalapana Gardens,and someone who heard his concerts, I will miss his wonderful music and beautiful spirit. A hui ho!

  • Wendy

    “This guy” was someone’s son–she is MY aunt; he was a loving husband, a wonderful brother, a caring uncle, MY cousin, an amazing father and father-in-law, and dear friend to many. Each of us in our own way are going to miss him tremendously. Those of us who knew and loved him will cherish all those moments we were fortunate to share with Bo. You, unfortunately, will never come remotely close to accomplishing in your life a smidgen of what “this guy” Bo did in his.

  • mark jones

    If it were not for the work Bo did for prisoners. I’m certain I would’ve either killed myself in prison or been a terror to society upon my release. This is a terrible loss. For those he has inspired in prison.

  • Sherron Lozoff Milisci

    Bo is my youngest brother. I’m still in shock and disbelief. He was here just a month ago in South Florida for a visit. There are no words to express how we’re feeling as his family. For those of you with negative feelings, please keep them to yourself. He will RIP in spite of you because he earned the right to do so by living the life he led helping others.

  • Anonymous

    Aloha my friend…………..

  • Cassandra

    I’m still having trouble believing Bo has gone on to the next grand adventure. He was larger than life, passionate and intense. He lived every moment to the fullest. He was a friend, teacher and brother to me. We hiked Fox’s landing a few days before it was covered. Bo was in bliss on the lava, playing music, riding his motorcycle, being real. His passing has left a huge hole in the fabric of the universe, the loss is immense. I know he is now in the peace of the eternal, and I will always miss my friend. Namaste and Blessed Be Dear One~~

  • Cindy Cirlincione

    Bo did so much for the prison ministry and did a tour in the early 2000’s at Fci-Terminal Island, Ca. And touched many lives. I went to his home in North Carolina for a retreat and he is a saint.

  • Tarika Lea

    One night, rare and splendid we gazed at the sparkling glow of Pele’s fire flow against the backdrop of a dark sky. On this night I distinctly felt his breath, a breath of loyalty, a breath of oneness with his lover Pele. He knew her. In this ,I learned far beyond words from this master living his totality. Now, we who are still on this plane can hear your luring invitation that entices us to action: ‘Come come walk with me on this hot earth of lava- nothing to fear!’ Dear beloved brother Bo, like Pele, you have created new land and like Pele you have disappeared into the ocean as our tears turn to jewels we all will also one day follow. Earth made soft. I now breathe you and find you deep in my heart, filled with awe and gratitude that our lives have crossed. Ocean, fire, breath and Gaia, nothing is now missing – just to surrender in trust. Aloha to your form, and in aloha I receive your formless light of love still inspirng me on and upward to a life of totality, passion and compassion, humaness,meditation and trust. Thank you beloved, so beloved to so many.

  • Renee

    his tenure at the Human Kindness Foundation also faced discredit when he was accused of improprieties and abusive behavior

    Yes this was the false prophet. The guy and his missus got busted for drugs etc and NEEDED ANOTHER WAY TO GET A QUICK QUID. They did it by using and abusing already marginalised people lived off prisoners and used authorities. They never really helped anyone except to print a pissy little newsletter and for frig’s sake this bloke couldnt sing or write. his missus flitted around India etc on profits and he was the most abusive. They’re good con artists and that’s all. They don’t HELP others at all.

  • HoBo

    He was NOT a loving husband. He was an adulterous. He was all front no gutz. A conman of the worst kind. Sita Lozoff or whatever her name is is not different. They fleeced people.

  • Ron Lozoff


    So he fooled tens of thousands of people, The Dali Lama, The Methodist Church of the United States, Mr. Rogers, and hundreds of volunteers that worked at HKF. Sita was his wife for 43 years and they fleeced no one and never made any money for themselves.

    Anyone who knows Bo and Sita knows it was never about $$$, they never had any or made any. But in your simple amoeba type mind with no facts, you have got him figured out. He fooled all those people but couldn’t fool you.
    Try a course in comedy pal cuz this isn’t close to any facts of Bo’s life of contribution and it’s not funny either.

    you should ask yourself why you feel the need to denigrate someone who you obviously know nothing about.

    Get some help

  • Ronbo 12

    Renee, you couldn’t be more wrong. Neither Human Kindness Foundation nor Bo or Sita ever had any arrangement with any govt agency where $$$ was charged to house or help prisioners. Out of the hundreds of voluteers who workd at HKF over 35 years a few ex cons were allowed. “voluteers” recieved room, board and if they needed it a small salary. The $$$ to run HKF came from donations and the sales of Bo’s books, CD’s to the Public. Those items were always sent for free to prisoners. The was never any drug bust nor any “Quick Quid” for those who may not know a Quid is a Bristish Pound Sterling.
    Bo was given many humanitariian awards including a Dr. of Laws by the Methodist Church of the Untied States,
    So as Ron Lozoff said…”you think he foold the Dali Lama, the Methodist Church, the Utne Reader, Mr. Rogers,
    Hundreds of thousands of Prisoners that he personally visited in over 900 prison workshops, but he couldn’t fool you.
    You are so confident that you should put your last name on your posts, instead of annonymously denigrating a person who can’t defend himself.

  • Shel Lozoff


  • Shel Lozoff

    Shel Lozoff says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    December 27, 2012 at 5:15 am

    Dear Ron, Sherron, Michael, Sita and Justin,
    I am so sorry to hear of Bo’s untimely death. He was good sold and a talanted muscian as I remember hearing him in person years ago. He could walk into the room and make everyone feel relaxed and happy just to listen to him sing. I visited the Human Kindness Foundation a number of years ago and found nothing fancy to waste money about the place. The x-cons working there were getting experience to help them find a job again. They also grew a lot of their own vegetables and did their own chores and worked to keep expenses down. This is how I understood it at the time. I remember a man with a kind, open nature. Renee, it doesn’t sound to me like you knew Bo. Too bad.
    Joan Lozoff (Shel’s wife)

  • Ricardo Beas

    Dear Family and Friends of Bo Lozoff,

    I translated Bo’s book “We’re All Doing Time” into Spanish back in 1988 more or less. After that for more than 10 years I translated all his prison Newsletters as well. I only had the honor of meeting Bo twice and maybe speaking to him five times, but with that, together with reading everything he, Sita, their son Josh and the Human Kindness Foundation had done, was enough to show me what devotion they had to helping others, in particular inmmates. He was a man, as beautiful as all of us, as human as all of us, but with a heart that few can match.

    In one Newsletter he reminded us of something John Lennon said, “Life is what happens when we’re making other plans.” He was so happy with his new CD, so many more things to do for others and himself. May the grace of the energy we call God always embrace him. To all of you who feel sorrow because of his passing, because you will miss him, like me, I dedicate my song “Remember When” to you, it reminds us of the teachings by Bo, that life never ends.

    Bo, may your work continue as you travel through eternity and may blessings always be upon you.
    Ricardo Beas

  • Jane Thomas

    He led me to the light with his beautiful words. I will forever be grateful.

  • Patrick


    Too bad some people get all angry when they are exposed to some data that does not
    fit into a pigeon hole they have already created.

  • Kip

    Very saddened and shocked to hear of Bo’s passing.
    I was first acquainted with Bo thru the Prison Ashram Project and We’re All Doing Time in the 70’s. This was some of the smartest writing and guide book for getting thru and enjoying life by serving others that I’ve ever read.Raising a family in those days left little money for charitable donations but to PAP I donated as often as possible.

    When the 10-20-30 celebration was held at HKF (04?) I drove an old biodiesel powered BMW down from PA. It was my first meeting with Bo and Sita and Josh and the their friends and supporters locally and from around the world. Always quick with wit and humor Bo’s compassion and practicality will be remembered.

    I still buy his books to pass along to other seekers and speak of his wisdom in my community’s talking circle.

    Peace and Blessings to All,

  • Anonymous

    I am so very very sorry to hear of his passing. To teach meditation to prisoners seems to be the precise and exact embodiment of the teachings of Christ and other great teachers…bringing salvation to those who have fallen.

    As far as the negative comments are concerned, this kind of thing has become very common on the internet, where 13 and 15 year old kids, pose with fake identities and make up all sorts of vicious comments. It is some kind of “practical joke thing” that is common online.

    I will post some links to articles about these practices below. You can read the details, but the basic strategy is to simply ignore them, as they will quickly move on to harassing someone else. The particular tactic being used on this board is called “flamebaiting.” I’m including a little wikipedia article about that in the info below.

    As far as Bo being accused of sexual impropriety, that is a common tactic of certain right wing crazies who have been known to go after Eastern religion. They did the same exact thing with the Indian spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. In 2007, Sri Chinmoy, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, 50 members of the Icelandic Parliament and many others. Hopefully that will finally dispel a long history of abuse and lies he received at the hands of religious bigots. Sri Chinmoy also conducted meditations at the United Nations for about 30 years and at the US Congress for about 20 years. Clearly, cult leaders do not get a security clearance from both the UN and the US government, nor do they get nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by world leaders.

    It is the nature of those who try to bring light into the world, that people will throw mud on them. So, in this sense Bo is in great company…as Christ said, “blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’s sake.”

    If the family wants to dispel these criticisms formally, you can always publish testimonials from the many people who admired him, publish the non-profit status of his activism work and etc…dispelling the darkness by bringing it into the light…or, you know, just ignoring these lost and hateful people altogether is a fine choice as well. And, you know, if you want to get a lawyer and sue a few for libel or slander, I am sure that will send these folks fleeing to the hills.

    Info on “Internet Trolls”

    the first two links give a good overview

    Internet Trolls – A Practical Guide

    Recognising and Dealing with Trolls


    two links below, Wired Safety and the Internet Crime Complaint Center are groups that address aspects of internet safety….

    Wired Safety – the world’s largest Internet safety, help and education resource


    for criminal behavior (United States). By criminal, I think they mean internet behavior which leads to huge loss of money or involves felony level crimes. I am guessing the FBI wouldn’t want to be bothered with anything less than that….

    Internet Crime Complaint Center
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    J. Edgar Hoover Building
    935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20535-0001


    Internet Trolls:


    Sock Puppets

    (multiple identities)


    flame baiting:


    Trolling on MySpace:


    NY Times Article:


  • Justin

    Thanks Shel.

    Had Bo been much worse even than his critics contend, it would still be an inappropriate venue to trash him on his obituary feature, before his family who loved him.
    Often times, people in the public eye have scandals, but they are still human beings, who ultimately suffer the effects of their actions, along with their family, as a personal matter. No one is happy that other people felt hurt by him, re: the Indy ’08 article. But this is not the place to rehash ad nauseum the controversy of that episode. The episode here is his death. To anyone who came here to piss on the man’s grave – in front of his friends and family, who have come here to pay their respects and grieve – you were late to the party. Check out the Indy article comment section. That’s where you belong, and you would have known that had you had any class and respect.
    The truth is, Bo was not pure evil, a monster, or someone to demonize with such hostility. If anyone wants to think him a phony, a charlatan, etc, then that’s their opinion. They can judge away on that controversy alone, and feel free to assume that the Indy told it just the way it was. But the good that Bo Lozoff did in his life was so monumental, it dwarfed his transgressions relating to that controversy. Did it get as much press as the other? Apparently not, but that doesn’t prove anything.
    This is the last word on the subject. If anyone were to continue making personal attacks against my recently deceased uncle on his obituary page, it would speak profoundly more to their character than to his.

  • Monica C

    Bo’s book We are all doing time helped get me through the first years of recovery from heroin addiction and life in and our of jail. I learned to meditatate from We are All Doing Time.
    I love you brother and Sita too

  • Chris Jones

    Bo was a great man, sent free books to me and other men in prison, wrote letters not print outs! I’ve seen broken men find hope, help guys make it through I knew wouldn’t! Turn killers in to men who went on to lead productive lives. What bo did teach me was to forgive. I hope all you nay sayers find a ray of what bo was shinning.
    Jesus said it best ” forgive them father for they know not what they do” I will remember him best with the sun on my face and wind in my hair! Ride free bro! See you in the wind!

  • Tim Powers

    I just found out about Bo today. I’m sorry he died he was a good man and helped alot of people who have no other people to count on for help. I found Bo through the bars of a jail. His book “We are All Doing time” saved my mind, saved my soul. It helped me get back to the peace and serenity that is needed in such a harsh environment. In the past I’ve had Meditation and yoga and some other eastern philosophies in my life and Bo managed to bring my mind and heart closer to the center; which, at the time was real healing for me. We lost a good soul here but if you understand Bo IS.

  • Link Rosen

    I met Bo in San Francisco back in August 1967- ah yes- the Summer of Love. He was with his cutie pie hippy girlfriend who evolved into his 43 year long wife. I was a pal of her brother, Bob. First time I met Sis too. Cute couple of nuts. I say that with love and friendship. Who am I? Nobody important- other than to a few people who think otherwise- same as Bo. I’ve been bouncing around this planet for a while- going on 74 years and there have been a few people that I’ve bumped into on this journey that have stayed with me in my so called mind. Bo was one of those folks- it was the only time I spent any time with him but he impressed me as being an “out there” cat even in the Summer of 1967 in San Francisco when it was normal for people being “out there” cats. I’ve discovered this much since I got on this escalator called life- once u get on it a point A there ain’t no getting off it till u reach Z and there ain’t no one perfect from A to Z so stop looking for it. We’re all perfect sometimes- imperfect other times. That’s what makes the trip fun. Who wants to be “perfect” all the time? How boring a life is that. All I have to think about is to make sure that no one thinks I’m not perfect? Not me. I liked Bo. Yes- I thought he was a bit of a fraud too when I met him- but that’s just me basing my opinion on my previous exposure to world class frauds- maybe he was but he apparently had a non-fraud side to him too. I don’t have a dog in this fight- I’m just an observer with no axe to grind or a halo to place on Bo’s dead head. We’ve got enough Saints that weren’t that we elevate after they have gotten off the people mover called life. I’ve read here that people hated him- I read here that many more loved him. Let’s see- that makes him what? It makes him normal as far as I’m concerned. I find it difficult to believe that there are some people that actually don’t like me- how can that be? But I’m still alive to defend myself against those folks. It’s all bullshit- who cares? Hey Bo- Yo Bro- u listening to me? Good- glad u r- don’t sweat it my man- it’s called life my man- just because u ain’t here doesn’t mean you are dead- to a lot of people they think u were a good dude. Some don’t- so what? it’s just life and shit happens. Carry on Troop- carry on. Link

  • Trish Sinis

    I don’t cry alot, but Bo you saved me through the worst times of my life. I don’t care who trashes you or doesn’t the ones that do, well they don’t know you. You were human and forgave people that did something wrong and get caught. I loved you for that. No Judging, simply learning. Hey what is it? Were all doing time…….

    Peace and Light, if you could of saved one inmate, criminal, your life made a difference to the one that needed you here.

  • SG

    I just read about Bo’s accident. I am so sorry for your loss.
    I never met Bo, but have had several emails back & forth concerning the lava flows and a family member who is living there. Bo was gracious to help in the situation with family, and I am at a loss now for contact in that area. He will be missed.

  • Needtobeanonymous

    I heard Bo on CBC public radio here in Canada, and I am grateful to him for his power of example, and I only hope I can recover and be something a little like who he was mostly; compassionate, intelligent, hard working – pretty damned amazing.
    It’s funny how bright people antagonize the dark into action just by being themselves – trolls or not.
    Bo was clearly not a perfect guy, but he did a lot of amazing things, and I’m very sorry I’ll never meet him in person, or hear his thoughts about how to be a good person, husband, and father with the perspective of someone who both succeeded and failed.
    I hope someday Sita will feel able to share her perspective, her story, though I see how challenging that would be.
    I know only too well the power of unconscious demons to control behaviour if they go unchecked, and spiritual people are just as vulnerable to sexual temptations as anyone – even more so. I speak from experience, both my own, and my watching my father. I have a feeling that the strength we have gets used against us. My sponsor says “no matter how far along the road you are, the ditch is just as close” – and Bo’s best insight was that we aaaaallll hit the ditch sometimes – yogi, zen master, prisoner, man, woman.
    I guess I wish there was some way to talk about this kind of thing without the hysteria and polarity of opinions. None of us know how much time we have to do good work. Bo did a lot to be proud of in his time here.
    I admired his willingness to embrace celibacy practice in a culture that is swamped in impulsive sexuality, and I wish he’d been able to get help and find deeper connectedness. He’s not the only yogic practitioner to have had sexual temptations, nor the only great human being to have them – Aside from Tiger Woods; Martin Luther King Jr., Bill Wilson, Katagiri Roshi, and many, many others we know nothing about. Maybe Bo’s challenge in the next life will be to embrace a fully monastic life!
    Feminism is about justice for everyone born of woman, not a new form of gender-based discrimination and hatred – least that’s how I learned it.
    For the record, there are therapists and 12 step support groups for people whose lives are adversely affected by sexuality, and their families as well. Even our leaders – our politicians, our parents, our partners are human beings who need help, sometimes, and a community of deeply real, honest, sharing, if they can find the humility to accept that help. Bo was definitely a leader, and an unusually helpful human being – I hope the future will bring more like him.
    Namaste and deep gratitude for a compelling, complex life.

  • J.Davis

    I just heard of Bo Lozoff’s death. My heart goes out to his family. This was a great man. I had the blessed occasion to meet him in SCI Huntington,PA. He sang a couple of his songs and did his trademark “Johnny Cash” impersonation for a couple songs. I read his book “We are all doing time” and one lesson in there that stands out to me is the story of the monk in the cave with demons. The moral of that story was that in order to live a peaceful life you had to make peace with your demons. The world doesn’t have enough Bo Lozoff’s. He will be missed beyond anyone’s understanding. I feel honored to have met him, talked to him, hugged him. His spirit of kindness will always be with me. R.I.P. Bo Lozoff. May all the people you have touched in this life find comfort that you made it.

  • A.C.

    My son is currently serving time in a state pen. He is a great guy, except for his heroin addiction. He has been attending Buddist services and heard about Bo and wrote to him not knowing that Bo had passed. He received a letter and 2 books. Thank you very much for your kindness. I will go out and buy the books and read them, it’s a way of remaining close and sharing with a loved one in jail. He and I have even started a book club of 2 called Jailhouse Reads. God bless. A. C.


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