Video courtesy Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

The geologists with the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory have released a first look at the new fissure eruption that just started today between Pu`u `O`o and Napau Crater.

According to geologists, the first portion of the video was shot from the air looking southwest at the fissure eruption between Pu`u `O`o and Napau Crater. The fissure segment in the tephra in the foreground opened seconds earlier, and only about 10 minutes after the eruption as a whole started. The cracks through the tephra are in the process of opening, though this can’t be picked out at this distance.

The second part of the video was shot from the ground in front of the propagating fissure, showing low spattering that started moments earlier. Thick white steam from the crack in the foreground indicates that lava is about to reach the surface, and is seen doing so seconds later.

Lastly, we see an image of spattering near the front of the propagating fissure.

Meanwhile, the current Volcano Alert Level for Kilauea on Hawaii Island has been upgraded from Watch to Warning, and the current aviation color code has been upgraded from “orange” to “red”.